About Happiness

When you ask people, what is important in life, then most will answer “Happiness”. People say that it is the goal they are striving for. When you ask esoteric or spiritual people, then they say that their path is meant to bring happiness, eternal happiness.

This sounds nice and probably everyone would instantly agree.

The funny thing is that this isn´t true. Let´s have a closer look.

In life there are only two different states. The state of deficiency and the state of saturation. In the first state you are in need of something. When you get it, you are in the second state. You feel saturated or complete in this specific aspect and this offers satisfaction or happiness. So, you are happy when you have what you need.

Further on, we can differentiate between mental, astral and physical needs, satisfaction or happiness. You can be mentally happy; you can be emotionally happy, and you can be happy for your material wealth.

Happiness is always a matter of being complete, full, saturated and in balance. For this reason, happiness comes along with a feeling of peace and freedom.

In a world of artificial deficiency, we must work permanently to be temporarily happy. We need to work to make money and to buy things we need.

Now, if pure happiness was the over all goal, then everyone would simply eat as much as the belly can take and then get some pills to be high and rest in the bed. But this rarely happens. It is the same wrong idea like the dream of the land of milk and honey where you do not need to do anything but just eating, drinking and chilling.

We human beings are not designed this way. Otherwise, we would look like Jabba the Hutt.

The truth is that we are all creators, like the Great Creator, and as creators, we enjoy the process of creating things and this is what makes us happy.

It is the happiness which comes from following our true nature. When you do something, which is corresponding to your nature, then you are in balance with yourself and creation, and then you feel good.

This idea of being a creator comes along with challenges, with obstacles, with trial and errors, with efforts, pains and in the end, you have realized your piece of art. This realization of an idea, of a task, etc. brings real satisfaction and the energy to go on with new things.

In conclusion, it is not about simple happiness in life, it is about following your nature as a creator.

Further on, when we think about incarnation, then we see that no one incarnates just to have a happy life. In fact, we incarnate to make desired experiences, to learn, to grow, to balance old problems, to heal and when we achieve these aims, then we feel happiness. Life on earth is not meant as a land of milk and honey. It is meant as a chance to prove yourself in your creator skills.

Another funny point is, that you can drop completely the idea “I want to become happy”, focusing only on your development as a conscious creator of your life circumstances and on realizing your ideas and then as a natural side effect, you become happy.

This means, better focus directly on your development and on being a creator, and all the good like happiness, abundance, success, fortune will come naturally.

Now, maybe a few words about spiritual happiness. There are these superficial slogans in the internet like “Follow the path and enjoy divine happiness and inner peace.” If it was all about this, you can simply stay in bed after having a good pizza.

The point is something different. When you realize your original spirit nature – enlightenment – then you take part in this nature and its qualities of freedom, inner peace, balance, lightness, abundance, detachment form the world of matter and from lower emotions and lower thoughts and all this offers you a basic feeling of happiness. It is a happiness which does not ask for anything. It is the happiness of pure being as you are anchored in the pure being, in your original, spiritual nature. You are like the vast sky, untouchable.

In conclusion, again, it is not about happiness in first place on the spiritual path. It is about the realization of your original nature and happiness is a side effect.

In the end, it might be good to understand this and to correct own goals in life to reach real happiness.