The smiling face of the great Tempter

When we think of the “devil”, the “boss” of the dark side, then we probably associate him with a “not nice looking” figure of the Greek deity Pan. This might fit into the “hate” of the church for the old pagans, but it does not fit into reality. Let´s keep this term “tempter” as it is his profession and fits perfectly instead of all other names. So, his job is to tempt us, to test us, to show us who we really are, if we are stable in our good qualities or still easily to manipulate.

Indeed, it is always the same story. You have a problem and there is no simple solution. It takes you a lot of effort to manage this problem. It is often a problem regarding love, money, fame, success, – in main ego stuff. The ego is hurt, or the ego has great desires and this calls for satisfaction. Only in rare cases, it is about other people, beloved ones.

So, you have a problem but not a nice solution. And then the great tempter comes, showing you a bright smile with wonderful white teeth and starts talking to you, so that you go nuts. He directly addresses your emotions, – your pains, hurts, your desires, your desperate situation. Doing so, he increases your pains and sorrows and when you cannot take it any longer, he makes a nice proposal, offering a quick solution for your problems. As you are already sitting at the bottom of the deep, dark hole, you welcome this sunshine of a solution. You are full of hope and expectations. But now the great tempter tells you about the deal as he wants a “return service”.

The price to pay might not sound too high, maybe it sounds strange, maybe you think that you can get out without paying and maybe the price kills you already just by thinking about it. However, your desire, need or wish is causing even more pain and so, in the worst case, you make the deal.

Now, the deal is done, and the solution is realized. The problem is that the solution was realized in a dark way with painful sacrifices and you still have to pay back. Paying back comes along with great sacrifices too. In the end, you understand that it was a very bad deal to say it in a nice way.

In conclusion, such deals are made daily and everyone has faced such situations already in his life with a kind of tempter. Shall we take the seemingly easy way or the hard way?

If it is a “good” = professional tempter then you can identify him easily. These tempters always have a bright smile, look quite often like business men, are very smart, polite, good in small talk and they smell your problems and emotions on long distance. They seem to be very sympathetic, with great charm, but you feel that something is wrong with them. In fact, they are simply psychopath, predators, which smell their prey. They have no empathy, no compassion. They just want to do good business with you.

It is the bright smile together with the coldness of the eyes which exposes them.

You find them in politics, in all positions of power, in the management of companies, in secret societies at the top, at the army and in places where you wouldn´t imagine finding them.

Once there was a TV series called “Reaper”. Ray Wise played the “devil” and he did it in a brilliant way. This is just one example which can give good hints.

In the end, we all need to be careful when we listen to those in power. In 99,99% they have not the best intentions but wonderful promises where we are meant to bring great sacrifices.