religious refocusing

When I look at the younger religions, I see a lot of war, a lot of evil which has been done in the name of God. I see a lot of darkness, political misuse and suffering presented as God´s will. I see the diabolic principle of separating brothers instead of uniting in the name of Divine Love. And I see a lot of misunderstandings and deficiencies in the teachings.

I feel this as very sad and I perceive these things as a very big burden. All these impurities are painful. It is like having wonderful flowers which are damaged and polluted by ignorant vandals.

From my point of view, it is essential for the spiritual student to become aware of these things and then to refocus in his religious orientation. This means that it is useful and important to purify your religious philosophy from all the dirt, all the heaviness and pain and to focus only on the core, the heart teachings. Put all the unimportant, bad teachings, stories and rituals aside. Work only with the core, the positive uplifting teachings.

The real message of all religions and traditions is the unconditional love for all humans, all beings, for the whole creation. Love origins from the principle of unity and it comes along with wisdom, with compassion, with understanding and with freedom, also with the joy of life and with happiness. And so, the teachings about love and unity are the most precious ones, the core teachings. Religion must be uplifting and inspiring, otherwise it has no sense. Refocus on such teachings of love, unity, beauty and freedom.

Regarding the Christian religion I want to suggest to refocus completely on Jesus and Maria together with the Lord. The Lord can be understood as the impersonal Divine Spirit. Jesus represents the Divine (male) Spirit in person and Maria represents the Divine (female) Soul in person. And with this, the Divine Trinity is complete. Jesus, the great Master of Mystics came in the name of Divine Love and Compassion to bring healing and enlightenment to the world. And this fits perfectly to Maria and her loving, caring, nourishing, motherly qualities. So, when you belong to the Christian religion then you can worship them in their Divine Beauty and receive their blessings. That´s all you need, all what is important. You will be connected to the Divine Stream of Love and Light. You will be nourished. And you will feel good.

In regard of this topic, I want to talk also about Buddhism. Buddhism is very old already and it is free of all the heavy burdens of the younger religions. It offers different approaches for the own spiritual development corresponding to the differences in the personal dispositions. So, everyone can walk the way towards enlightenment which fits his individuality. Buddhism offers real spirituality and all the techniques you need to realize your Self, to achieve enlightenment and refinement. And now, when you combine the knowledge and teachings of Bardon with the traditional path of Buddhism, you will be able to understand Buddhists teachings and techniques perfectly and you can enhance your training. This can be a very satisfying spiritual path, meeting other good souls and benefiting from the tradition and its offers.

By the way, you will find all kinds of aspects of magic and mysticism in Buddhist´s practice too, maybe not in the beginner stages but later for sure.

And certainly, these things are also true for the path of the Yogis.

Important is just that you see all teachings and techniques through the universal glasses of Bardon for the right understanding and the ability to bring and keep balance in your training.