Threshold values

Training makes perfect. This eternal wisdom is the key for progress in general, valid for sports, arts and the spiritual development. The development of new skills, new powers or new qualities is based on simply physics or metaphysics, simple laws indeed. A new idea, feeling, behavior needs to be developed or integrated and this requires changes in the mental, astral and physical structure.

Imagine you want to become a runner. So far your body is not used to run long ways and you lack of corresponding ideas, feelings and experiences how it is like to run over half an hour or more.

The first step is to make the decision to become a runner. So you set this as a goal. Maybe you are able to imagine yourself running some miles successfully. This is a first useful idea. Absolutely necessary is to become aware about the underlying sense. Why do you want to become a runner? What is your personal sense in this? Only when you find a fitting sense, you will have the necessary motivation to achieve your aim. When a teacher tells a pupil to run fast, then there is no real sense and no real motivation in it. But when it is your dream to run a marathon through New York then this is a true motivation.

Motivation is not only necessary for the normal training but especially for those days where you feel stuck, where maybe backlashes happen or where you simply feel blocked. Especially in these dark times you need a vision, a real sense, an aim and motivation to go on against all obstacles.

Now you must understand that you need to develop the fitting quality, power and structure for the specific aim. And this needs to be accomplished for the mind, the soul and the physical body. In the example you must become a runner, this means you must identify completely with the idea of being a runner. You must think, feel, behave and take action like a runner and with this you transform yourself into one.

This development of structure together with quality and power is comparable with growing a plant. You can´t grow a plant just by your intellect. You cannot grow the plant over night and not in two days. You cannot grow the plant without taking care of it, nourishing it with all it needs, with water and vital substances. But unfortunately, most people think that it works out in this way.

So, to say it in a different way, if you want to realize something new, do it like a farmer growing plants.

A big topic are here the “breakthroughs”. At first, probably, you have no idea about anything like an innocent baby. You want to do the new thing but you are not able, simply you lack of the energy and structure. This can be very frustrating in the beginning. You do your training, your exercises and it seems that nothing happens. It seems that you make not a single step of progress and this over days, maybe weeks. But this is only your perception, a superficial perception because on subconscious levels a change process has started and is maintained. This is comparable with the seed in the earth, growing, sprouting in a hidden way. And one day, the first breakthrough happens, the sprout breaks through the surface of the ground, your new ability shows up. Now your new ability is tangible, you can work with it. But it is still fragile like the sprout. So you must handle it with care. In the next step you work on strengthening the sprout, your new ability and unfolding it more and more. The next breakthrough is when your ability is strong, unfolded and under your control. And in the last step you work on its refinement towards perfection.

Now, what is needed to allow the breakthrough to happen? It is daily, continuous care, support, nourishment to give the necessary energy for development, for growth and then you simply must be patient, must believe and must be stubborn in your practice. And one day the threshold value is reached and the breakthrough is realized. Nourish a sprout and it will become a tree in the end. But if you miss to nourish it, the tree won´t come. Growth and development are natural, automatic processes. Just let them happen and support them. This is true for all new abilities, qualities and powers. Training, repetition will make them grow.

Besides these main principles there is also the possibility that something is blocking this natural process of development. It is possible that it is not the right time or the right situation. It is possible that the necessary maturity is missing. It can be that other tasks consume too much time and energy. And maybe the structure or energy flow is in disorder or damaged somehow. This all means that before you can grow your desired quality, power or ability, you simply must take care first of these problems. When we transfer this to the plant or sprout then it simply can be that you tried to make it grow in the winter or in a desert or in a field which is not prepared or that the water supply is bad or that unhealthy substances are in the earth.

For the spiritual development the blockades are often a matter of lacking of maturity and imbalances. This means that a soul can be too young to handle higher powers or higher perceptions or that a soul has made too many negative experiences which are blocking the energy system or which can cause a misuse of powers. Due to this, the main slogan of the old mystics was “Cleaning, healing, spiritualizing!”. Clean yourself from all blockades, then go into healing and then you are ready to refine and spiritualize yourself to divine degrees.

A last possibility with blocking effects can be that you have chosen before your incarnation a different path or a different task. This means that you are not open to work on a specific ability, etc. When you have decided to visit Greece in your holidays, then you cannot visit India at the same time. Your trip is booked for good reasons.

A major factor in general is that you enjoy your training, that you have fun. And when you add here real sense coming along with real motivation, true belief in what you do, a good understanding of the processes, patience and being stubborn like a donkey or like a Pitbull then you will make your way. Certainly understand and treat your eventual blockades before you start your training.

And in the rare case that it does not work out like you have expected, something is lacking and you can try to work first on other exercises and come back later. Your body has many muscles, and all want to be trained. Sometimes special muscles need to be trained first so that the training of other muscles work out later.

Think about the breakthroughs you had in life so far and how they were connected to specific threshold values and daily nourishment / energy supply.