New approach for the healing of personality and relations

In the treatment of problems, disorders and diseases we naturally use the different levels of the human being like physical body, soul – emotions and mind – thinking, the subconsciousness with its patterns of behavior, the energy system with chakras, nadis, etc. We simply can access the human being on these different levels to cause positive changes and healing.

On these different levels of accessing the human system or microcosm, we work with corresponding techniques (law of analogy). For example, we work with energies to cause cleaning and healing in the energy system. We work with changing perspective and new ideas on the level of the mind. We work with remedies on the level of the physical body. And so on. The more holistic a treatment is, the better are the results.

Besides these approaches, we can work also in a more direct and specific way on the basis of the higher laws of nature and our magical education. This is a fascinating topic which I explain now.

For example, most people suffer on the level of the solar plexus center. The so-called inner child or ego is hurt, and bad emotions are a big problem for the connected organs (liver, kidneys, stomach, etc.). Now you can give remedies to support the organs. You can do psychotherapy to heal the inner child by education, by offering love, care, understanding and so on. You can treat directly the solar plexus chakra with healing energies. And so on.

The new or different approach is now to focus directly on the inner child. This is the image of the patient as a child which is still valid and a part of his personality, connected to the solar plexus center.

The spiritual healer focusses on this image of the child and directly gives it a healing session. For example, the child can be charged with love to dissolve negative emotions and to cause a deep healing, also to cause the feeling of being accepted, appreciated and respected. The healed and happy child integrates itself in the patient.

In conclusion, here we approach directly the wounded part of the personality in a holistic way. This direct approach has a better effect than working with energy on organs/solar plexus center or working with psychotherapy, etc. It is a higher level of accessing the problem.

Another approach concerns the roles we take in life and necessary, positive changes. This comes along with relationships quite often.

We can say that “roles” are a specific setting of the original personality in behavior (thoughts, feelings, patterns of behavior and appearance) in connection to specific situations and people.

For example, in first place you are John, – you yourself. But when you meet your girl-friend, you are her lover and partner. And when you meet your children, then you are their father. At work, you are a coworker or a boss, etc. Among your friends, you are a buddy. And so on.

These different roles activate specific centers of mind, soul and body together with corresponding thought patterns, emotions and behavior. Now the point is that in specific roles positive as well as negative thoughts, emotions and behaviors can be shown or activated which are missing in other roles or are not in the right place. For example. you show a loving behavior towards children as a father but you are cold towards your mother in your role as a son.

Thanks to our magical training and the higher laws, we can directly address these roles and relationships. For example, we pick out your role as a son together with your mother and the relationship between you both. We can focus on these images/roles and bring mother and son into an atmosphere of understanding, of love, of forgiveness to cause healing.

When we do so, we directly approach the mind-soul settings of the personality and so we can cause directly positive changes in these settings and for the relationship. When we think about the normal personality then the corresponding thoughts, emotions, behavior patterns are sleeping as the role is not active normally. And when these energies are sleeping, it is not easy to treat them well.

Now the question probably comes up how we can give treatments to aspects of the personality, to roles settings and relationships with other people.

In a first step we need to focus on the personality aspect, the taken role or/and the relationship with the other person as visual images. Then we can ask for spiritual support and healing which can show up as streams of light, white light, violet light, rose-pink or golden light bathing the clients, cleaning, healing and vitalizing them and their relationship. Here we might see dark energies getting released.

Or we use our own magical power and imagine the necessary energies, charging the clients and the atmosphere surrounding them with the idea/command of cleaning, healing, forgiving, etc.

It is also possible to work in this way on yourself and on own relationships. Focus here in front of you on your image as a child or in a specific role or together with another person. And then use the healing energies.

As a Quabbalist you can work very well with cosmic letters, especially when you work on yourself. There are a few very nice formulas for healing.

In conclusion, you can and should use the higher laws of nature and the simplicity of magic to give direct treatments to those aspects of your nature or of those of a client to cause deep healing. There are many different levels of access or approach and a master should know them all.