Day & Night

Creation is based on cycles, natural cycles and their dynamics. Day and night are alternating poles like ebb and flow, summer and winter, etc.

Cyclic changes are a principle in nature. The sun cannot shine permanently as well as darkness cannot cover creation endlessly.

On the human level this means that there are good times of abundance and happiness as well as there are hard times with suffering.

Now the point is that these cycles are natural and that it is up to us how we deal with these changes.

An ignorant person will be happy and joyful in the good times while it will be sad, depressed and suffering in the bad times.

But a wise person will enjoy the good times and prepare for the bad times, staying centered and detached instead of emotional suffering.

Why should you be sad or depressed when winter comes? It is better to prepare yourself for the cold days, so that you have a warm house, enough to eat and warm cloths. And then you can maintain your happiness and wellbeing – even if it is cold and dark outside.

And this is one of the major spiritual lessons in life. Keep a certain detached attitude and understand the laws of creation, the cycles, the ups and downs in life. Prepare yourself.

This is the attitude of the wise man. It is also the quality of Spirit. The Spirit floats over the waters of creation, seeing everything but staying detached. Spirit is our original nature. And spirit is the aim of spiritualization, the spiritual path.

There is a quabbalistic formula called ELM. When you do this formula, you understand this idea of the floating Spirit above the waters (of creation). E is the cosmic consciousness, L is the divine majesty and M means here creation. The divine, cosmic spirit in its majesty is floating over the waters of creation. As a quabbalist you can feel and experience this state.

In conclusion, it is just important to understand these things and to adapt them for yourself. In this way you will feel much better in life and you will be better prepared.

You will be able to maintain your wellbeing in good and bad times.