Meditation on the Five Flower Petals

Imagine a wonderful open flower with five petals and a golden pistill in the center. Now, this is not a normal flower. It is a symbol. Each petal has a special quality and power as well as the pistill in the center.

Now imagine that you stand or sit in the center of the flower. In front of you there is the light blue petal with the qualities of knowledge and wisdom. On the right, there is the red petal with the qualities of power and success. On the left, there is the blue-green petal of vitality and life. On the left back, there is the wonderful green petal of abundance and fortune. And on the right back, there is the brown petal of strength and stability. The pistill itself has the qualities of perfection and freedom.

You are this flower. You are each one of the petals. You are the pistill. And you are altogether. You are power and quality. You are the balance of all qualities and powers.

Now the practice:

If you have enough space, you can draw this flower on the floor, in a size where you can sit or stand in each petal and in the pistill. You write the given qualities into the drawn petals and the pistill. It is certainly sufficient to draw only the contours of the flower.

Now become aware that you have fixed the qualities and powers in the drawing on the floor. This means that they are anchored there and that you can consciously step into them. You can step or sit consciously the energy field of the written quality and power. This is magic based on the Akasha principle. Now choose a first petal and enter it consciously, – enter the energy field of the petal, of the written qualities and meditate there, standing or sitting. Take your time to feel, to perceive, to really experience the qualities and powers written in the petal. Merge with them and integrate them. “I am in the energy of “vitality and life” (for example). I feel the universal vitality. I feel the universal life in me. I am vitality. I am life. Vitality is my nature. Life is my nature. I am connected with vitality and life. I have integrated vitality and life… Just go on like this. Then do the same with the other petals, one by one, one per day. When you have done all five, you step into the center and you meditate about perfection and freedom. Become aware of yourself in the center, surrounded by the petals and their qualities and powers. You are one with all petals in perfection. You have integrated all qualities and powers and you understand that they all are interdependent, offering true perfection and with this liberty.

You can repeat this meditation as often as you like, especially to balance and to empower yourself in a wonderful way. You can also add further petals with universal qualities and powers. Be aware that power and quality always come together as the two sides of the coin.

You can use this meditation technique to refine and empower yourself, also to train your akasha abilities.

You can also draw such a flower with the written qualities and powers on a normal paper plus putting your photo in the center of it. Then meditating that you posses all these qualities and powers, being in the center, the position of God.