It starts with the idea of success

Whatever you want to do, you have to start with the idea of success, the idea to reach your goal successfully and that you maintain the drive of success during the journey to your goal.

The idea and power of success will attract and realize all further necessary aspects, all necessary qualities, powers, skills, all the necessary inspiration, the power to go on if problems occur and it will realize all necessary situations together with the right people, the right events all in time to bring you to your goal.

This is something important to understand. First make the idea and feeling of success in yourself grow and then let yourself be drawn to your goal. The vision of your goal will draw you independent how your path might look like. Like from a rubber band you will be pulled permanently to your aim until you and your aim are one, realized.

In conclusion, it is a mistake to start first with other things, secondary things which only matter later on the path. Unfortunately, we often think about details, how to do this or that, or we think about problems but this is all not useful. Better ignite the fire of success in you and the vision of your goal and then let yourself be drawn to the total realization of your goal. The rubber band will pull you no matter how your situation might be.