Man and religion

We have many religions in the world. All proclaim that they have divine origins, that they come directly from God or the gods. Sometimes the religious founder proclaims to be divine or to be sent by God or to speak in the name of God while all other people – more than 99,999% – haven´t seen God, haven´t heard God talking and haven´t received any sign of God at all. Even those who follow exactly the rules and duties of those religious leaders don´t receive a single “Hello!” from God.

Isn´t it amazing that nevertheless people are following single religious leaders with big holy books full of rules which are often not really beneficial for the people or nice or useful but in main limiting them in many aspects of life plus threatening them with inhuman punishments?

And isn´t it amazing that the life of a human being is worthless when it goes against religious rules, that there is no mercy in some religions, no forgiveness, no value of a human life if someone does not fit into the religious belief?

Indeed there are religions which speak of so-called nonbelievers as worthless cattle which can be treated like crap. Nonbelievers can be cheated, exploited, killed, etc. all in the name of God (?) Of the one who has created all human beings?


Unfortunately this is not worse enough. People love to fight and kill each other in the name of religion, in the name of beliefs. So for them religion and belief are of more value than the life of a human being (!)

Now let´s imagine people would have so much love and wisdom in their hearts that they put the man over religion and belief. Imagine this! That man is of a higher value than any form of religion or belief. What would happen?

Everyone would be free to follow his personal belief without any problems and everyone would show respect to one another. People could live together without any tension but with peace on their minds and without the need for wars. And they would know that not a single religion can be the cause for punishing a person or for limiting a person in life.

Maybe, hopefully one day all people worldwide reduce the “absolute importance” of religion to a healthy degree to make religion supportive for human life. We need freedom, love, wisdom, understanding and not oppression, no mental prisons, no terror, no wars and no inhuman punishments.

One day mankind will rise above religious dogmas and this will be the step into a time of freedom and happiness.