Inner space clearing

When we talk about spiritual healing then the focus lies on the spirit, the soul and the body with its complex system of energy centers, energy channels and the occult meaning of the organs and body regions. But the so-called microcosm is not limited to the body. In fact, the body is the “crystalized” or “materialized” core of the human microcosm. The body is indeed surrounded by a field of radiation, of energies of the mental and astral plane which is defined in the form of a big bubble. This is comparable with a cell which consists of a cell core, the space of the cell and a protective cover against the external world.

Now it is the case that all kinds of good and bad energies dwell in this field of radiation, in the aura, the space around the body. Good energies are never a problem but the different bad mental and astral energies cause negative influences on mind and soul.

Imagine that you are in the center of your living room. You are surrounded by the atmosphere of your living room. If this atmosphere is filled with smoke, with bad smells, with fog, with dark clouds then this is not healthy for you. And the same is true for the atmosphere of your microcosm, your aura bubble.

This means that it makes a lot of sense to clean, vitalize and refresh your whole microcosm, the atmosphere of your aura bubble to support your wellbeing, your protection against negative influences, etc.

A major cleaning of the aura, the inner space of your microcosm can be done in the mystical way, or you use violet light. Follow the idea to clean it from all negative influences, to vitalize it and to heal all wounds. Do it at least 1-2 times and check the results, the difference to the normal healing results.