Inner & outer influences

Have you asked yourself why things happen – things in your personal life but also things on a global scale?

Imagine that you are a chess piece, moving on the chessboard and asking why you are in this situation, why other chess pieces are attacking you.

Imagine that you are an actor in a play on stage and you forgot that you are an actor and that the situation is just a play and you are wondering what you are doing and why things happen.

Imagine that you have booked a holiday trip with different locations for sightseeing. You forgot about your trip planning and you are wondering where you are and what you are doing in the different places.

Imagine that you are a horse and you are wondering which force is making you run and stop and walk again as you are not aware that there is a rider on your back.

These might be strange situations but life often appears in a strange way.

When you start to put questions then you question everything in the end. Why are you born in this world? In this situation? With this family? In this country? With this religion or culture? Why do you look like you do? Why do you have certain talents but also specific weaknesses? Why are you interested in this or that? Why are you behaving, thinking and feeling like you do?

In fact you could put thousand questions and probably life will still be strange.

I want to put some light on the question why things happen as they do. We have several factors and most of them are hidden.

A situation in life consists normally of you, further persons, the environment, objects in the environment, a certain topic or task and qualities of time and space and everything exists on the mental, astral and physical plane. So indeed a situation is quite complex with many factors.

By the way, Bardon uses the term “situation” in the interesting way to describe the last milestone of realizing an idea in the material world.

Let´s start our analysis with you. You maybe identify yourself with your physical appearance, your personality and certain patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving. Behind your active mind, hidden in the so-called subconsciousness, there is a diversity of needs, desires, impulses, drives, reaction patterns you have learned somewhere in your past, patterns of conditioning, filters of perceptions, projections from your parents, etc. And you are not really aware about this complex of things which make you behave like you do.

In fact you are the sum of all your experiences of the past of this life and all former incarnations. Some experiences have direct influence on you while others are passive, sleeping, waiting to be activated again.

Additionally you are not in this situation by coincidence but there is a higher sense respectively a reason why you experience this situation. Indeed you have accepted to experience this situation or you have even planned it consciously before your incarnation to accomplish a task like balancing mistakes (karma), to learn something or to make new experiences. This means also that your present situation and those who take part have a message for you.

Then you probably have thought about the point that you might do things which you don´t want to do, that certainly also others do things which they regret later. Here we deal with the fact that we, the original spirit, the real king or queen of the microcosm are not in full power or in control but that there are other forces which sabotage our real will. These forces are the larvae which we produce by emotional reactions, lower passions, addictions, etc. These are the deficient children of our mind and soul and they ask us to keeping feeding them with fresh energy from following our addictions and passions.

Then, certainly are the obvious and subconscious influences of other people which are supportive or often also sabotaging our desires. Everyone knows the situation where you express an idea and directly all around you find reasons why you shouldn´t do it. This is an interesting pattern with different psychological reasons.

Besides these influences there are the countless beings of the higher realms which can unfold their impacts on you, – beings of nature, souls of deceased persons, deities and demons. We are never alone although it might seem so on the material plane. Here it is the important question if you are a powerful, well balanced and mature soul or if you have imbalances, weaknesses, injuries in your energy body. In the second case you are open for bad influences and attacks. In the first case you will be respected and you keep untouched.

And besides these aspects we have the influences of the local area, its energy atmosphere which can be healthy, vitalizing, empowering or maybe withdrawing energies from you, making you depressive, etc.

And maybe at last there are the cosmic influences, the quality of time, of season which can be positive, empowering or causing real trouble.

In conclusion we have to deal with a lot of different influences and the stronger, healthier and more powerful we are, the better we can manage your challenges and accomplish our aims in life.

We truly live in a totally magical world. Most people are just not aware of this.

Another conclusion: If you want to be successful, realizing your aims, staying in good health and keeping your happiness, then you must be aware of all influences and you must handle them in a wise way for your benefit. On the other hand, when you go against influences then this takes a lot of energy and effort and you have to face big obstacles.

It might sound funny if a farmer wonders why his plants do not grow in a desert although he works hard all the time. But if the farmer is not aware that he is in a deadly desert environment then it is comprehensible. Awareness and perception are important keys. We are too often in bad environments and we try so hard to change things. In fact the solution is just to leave and to move to a vital, supportive environment.

Life is challenging enough, so check for the smart and smooth way to deal with your challenges. Hardship is not really requested.