The alchemy of life

In Germany we have this saying “Being washed with all waters” which means to be super smart, successful, untouchable for others because you are super experienced in all fields. Indeed this saying is a hint about alchemy as it is the same topic.

In life you move through all fields of life, all imaginable situations and this in countless incarnations. Bardon calls it the “walk through all ideas”. Only by experiencing all ideas of human life we can accomplish perfection, the divine level in the end. It is the alchemy of the human soul. It is a fascinating process.

Imagine you have a ball of clay. And now you let it undergo the process of transformation. You take the ball of clay and you put it into red light, then you drop it into orange light, then into yellow, green, blue, violet and purple light. Every time the ball of clay takes a bath in a colored light, it absorbs the specific vibration of the light and integrates it into its own nature. In this way the ball of clary enriches itself in quality, power and skills of the corresponding light and color. The ball of clay does not replace one color with the next one but it adds and integrate them. In the end the ball of clary contains all colored lights and their specific vibrations and so the clary transforms itself into a clear diamond ball which sparkles in all colors of the rainbow. The ball has achieved perfection, the divine state.

So certainly, a clay does not transform into a diamond but this was just an illustration on how you should understand the process of alchemy. Alchemy has always purifying, balancing, empowering and refining aspects to reach perfection in total in the end.

The human soul undergoes the same process in a more complex way by making all kinds of experiences during the incarnations on earth. The different colors of the example are here the different roles in life which we all have to play, social roles but also roles in business, etc.

Let´s imagine we take a human soul and put it into a life as a philosopher. The soul will be nourished with the corresponding air element, all these philosophical ideas, the ability to think about all kinds of questions and the intellect will be empowered. In a different incarnation the soul might take the role of a craftsman where it is nourished with the ability to work practically, to think in a practically way, to use the hands to build furniture, etc. In another incarnation the soul might take the role of a warrior where it experiences the meaning of power, of protecting people from evil, of showing a selfless attitude, etc. So in conclusion already from these small examples we see how we become more and more complete with each role we take in life. Not to forget the roles of being a father, mother, uncle, friend, lover, etc. This is the alchemy of life.

And now let´s think about the soul undergoing real spiritual training. The soul “washes” itself with vital energy, with light, with fire, air, water and earth element, with Akasha, with the fluids, then later with divine virtues in their diversity and even later with the cosmic letters of the quabbalistic science to become the perfect being of light, shining in all colors of God in perfection.

Then you are really washed with all waters.

So you see how important it is to make new experiences and to go beyond your comfort zone.