Health tips

You probably know Glyphosate, the weed killer. In the media they say that it can cause cancer. This is “nice”. According to deeper research by experts the problem is a little bit different. Glyphosate has a blocking effect on the natural function of certain enzymes which causes the death of the weed. This blocking effect does not affect directly humans or animals but indirectly it does. Glyphosate has bad effects on the intestinal bacteria with the result that the intestinal flora is limited in processing vital substances for the body. And this causes an insufficiency in the supply of specific vital substances which are necessary for health. And this is the real problem.

We cannot really escape Glyphosate as it is everywhere in the food.

A simple but also good solution is to take care of your intestinal flora by regular intake of a good diversity of intestinal bacteria. These pills are quite cheap and will help your intestine to get all vital substances from your food and supply it for your body for vitality and good health. This is also good in the case that you eat a lot of bad food which damages the intestinal flora.

Another topic: Today most people have a sugar addiction which is not obvious, – eating too many sweets and eating/drinking too much bad stuff in general. The body is not really meant for all this artificial food with additives and preservatives, also not for permanent feeding. It is more natural, vital and healthy to eat a good “minimum” of natural, vital food and to offer the body longer breaks from digestion. In these breaks, the body can use the energy for high performance and wellbeing, instead of putting all energy into digestion and feeling fatigue. Indeed you liberate yourself for more energy and happiness in this way. In a process of adapting, the body will return to its natural way of using and providing energy, so that you will feel fine without the artificial sugar products, without too much eating and with the longer breaks from having meals. You will also return to a natural shape. This together with fitness and endurance training will offer you a maximum of wellbeing.

These are some things which you can consider and try.