About wealth from the hermetic point of view

Wealth is one of the most famous topics in general. Everyone desires wealth, prosperity, money, etc. In the following I try to explain the different aspects of wealth from the spiritual or hermetic point of view. As it is a complex topic, I will go step by step through all aspects. At the end you will find some further explanations as answers to questions. I publish this here to serve you in your life. Much good can be achieved by the use of the right techniques and everyone is able to better his situation, to integrate more wealth, more happiness, more success and more harmony into his life. We are not meant to suffer endlessly from old, subconscious blockades, old hurts, etc. Always get the most of your situation. Keep a positive attitude. Life on earth is a chance to grow.

  1. First of all – what is wealth? What we have in mind when we think of wealth is material wealth, having much money and all which is connected to it – like a good house, good car, good life style, the freedom to do whatever you want, the satisfaction of all needs and desires, a good wife/husband, a happy family, security and no problems at all. But this is only the material plane. Wealth exists also on the mental plane and on the astral plane. For example a genius is rich on the mental plane and someone with a great soul and refined personality is rich on the astral plane. So in the end we have to regard the wealth on all three planes.
  2. Where does the idea of wealth come from? In fact wealth is not an invention of human beings but it is a natural quality of creation. God is rich. Creation is rich. Wealth is an expression of the natural-divine abundance, the principle of abundance. God is not limited in anyway but a source of never-ending abundance. There is energy in plentitude for everyone and everything, for all purposes. Life is not limited but always flowing. This principle of unlimited abundance shows up in the incomprehensible diversity of life, of creatures, of events and worlds of existence. So in fact abundance, wealth, prosperity are principles of nature. And with this, it is clear that we have a desire for abundance in the material world. When we observe nature then we can see everywhere the principle of abundance at work. We see the diversity of plants, animals, human beings. And there is plenty of everything available. There is not one plant, one tree, one animal, one human being but there are billions of beings on earth. And when a tree produces fruits, then the tree has not one fruit or two but hundreds. And there is not a single spot of grass but unimaginable large fields which feed the billions of animals worldwide. And what about the sun? The sun shines daily, feeding creation with his warming, vitalizing sunshine. There are no limitations for sunshine. So indeed we have to understand that abundance is natural.
  3. Now you can ask, why we do not experience abundance on earth as human beings. Here we come to the principle of polarity. Wealth, prosperity, abundance are divine principles. Where God is, there is abundance. So indeed in the highest realms the atmosphere is divine and there is nothing but abundance, happiness, etc. But there, where God is not, there is the great suffering, the lacking of everything, darkness, parasitism. The beings of light are beings of abundance while the beings of darkness are needy, living as parasites. The human beings are somewhere between these poles. The human race has fallen out of the natural order of creation. Human beings are neither animals nor gods, they are in a phase of development and so they do not take part in the natural abundance like the animals and plants, also not in the divine and highest form of abundance like gods and goddesses, but they are also not parasites like the dark beings. Here is more the point how the single human being is developed or which attitude it has. A mature, old soul, which is refined and has realized the divine nature in itself, will take part in the divine abundance of mind, soul and probably also on the material plane. A normal human being can experience everything – wealth, hardworking and suffering as well. And then we have the dark souls. They can suffer or live like parasites from the work of others. With this differentiation we come to further aspects.
  4. In the natural state of a human society there is enough for everyone, enough food, enough property, etc. So everyone can live in a natural-abundant-positive way. And every member of such a society has as much as he needs to be satisfied and happy. This natural state of a society can be found at “primitive people” who are still integrated in nature. As humans have the choice between good and bad, single guys came to the conclusion that it is easier and more comfortable to live on the costs of others, to let others work for oneself, in other words to enjoy the life as a parasite. So the natural-positive state of society was perverted into a state of a few “masters” with many slaves or servants. (Independent from the idea of monarchy as this is originally a natural state of society.) The system where a few men of power live like parasites on the costs of a majority of people who are kept like servants or slaves, still exists and has been refined to amazing degrees. Today the hardworking slaves believe to be free while the parasites hide themselves, so that they cannot be attacked. The slaves are ideologically indoctrinated by showing them the ideal of the hardworking man or woman which fits perfectly into the needs of the parasites. Today we have a majority of hardworking people who feed the parasites above them and who have to feed the suffering people who became the victims of the bad system. Certainly there can be only winners if there are also a lot of losers. Only in the natural-positive society a win-win-situation for everyone was normal. From the caste of the hardworking people only a very few are able to make the shift from slavery to winner or parasite caste. And from the suffering caste nearly no one will ever get into the winner caste. So your disposition is already important. In best case you are born in the winner caste, then your life will be blessed with abundance directly and naturally. When you are born in the hardworking caste and you have luck and show some useful characteristics then you can climb the ladder to become one of the leading “slaves” or maybe also a winner/parasite. When you are born in the suffering caste, then you have a hard challenge to escape respectively to enter the hardworking caste. These are the aspects of origin, disposition and society. As soon as the society changes the bad system, a natural-positive state of abundance for all would realize. Mastery and slavery are a matter of an artificial choice and not of a natural principle.
  5. Now you might ask about your personal possibilities of getting rich or living in wealth. Here you have to face the fact that your life, your incarnation follows a higher sense or plan, which includes a certain range of experiences, limitations and lessons which all serve your personal development as a soul. For example if your plan is to go to China, to learn Chinese, then the airplane won´t bring you to Greece to visit the Greek islands. So indeed your actions and experiences in your present incarnation are limited to a certain range of wealth and other aspects of life. This means, that when your life plan is to become rich, then wealth will manifest easily and fast where you probably don´t comprehend your luck at all. But when your life plan foresees that you belong to the suffering or the hardworking caste, then there is no escape, maybe only a bettering of your situation is possible. Especially normal people experience clear limitations in their lives. The more your soul is refined, the more freedom you have, the wider the range of possibilities is. Spiritual development means freedom in the end. Everyone has the chance to get to know his plan for his present incarnation and the included tasks and lessons. You just have to consult a hypnotherapist or past-life-therapist. He can help you in your research and he can also dissolve bad karma, respectively to prepare you for good karma. In conclusion, first of all you have to check your disposition, your plan for your incarnation and the included range of chances to increase your wealth. (Maybe you ask yourself how someone can be so stupid to choose a life in suffering conditions, etc. Here I have to say that there are great differences between your consciousness and attitude in the incarnated state and in the state as a soul waiting for the next incarnation. When you are a pure soul, then you have a deeper understanding about your purpose and the sense of life. You have a deep longing for personal development and wealth is not interesting at all. So you make different choices as a soul on the astral plane than on earth in a physical body.)
  6. The plan of life comes along with karma and fate. Fate is just the term for accumulated karma and we all have something like a karma account with positive karma and negative karma. The positive karma which we have gathered by good actions and hard work, also by sacrifices and altruistic service, blesses us with positive conditions of life. The negative karma wants to be balanced and healed. This is like paying debts or compensating damage. So if you have good karma which allows you happy conditions during your incarnation it is certainly possible that you experience wealth and happiness without working hard for them. But if you suffer from bad karma, then it is possible that you are blocked by the bad karma in such a way that you can work as hard as you want but make no progress for bettering your situation at all. And if you are a victim of fate, then you can try everything but you won´t be successful in anyway. This is like trying to stop a driving car just with your hands. So in conclusion karma is a major factor regarding the experience of wealth. But you have a certain scope of action. You can consult a hypnotherapist or past-life-therapist to analyze your karma situation, to ask your spiritual guide for advice how to balance your karma and such a therapist can help you to consciously dissolve bad karma as karma is energy in your microcosm and further on the therapist can help your to program yourself for the experience of success, happiness and wealth (depending on your individuality). So in fact it is smart and wise to consult such a therapist and to work on your karma, etc. As soon as your karma blockades are dissolved you are free to better your life in all aspects.
  7. Karma can be cleared and healed with the help of a hypnotherapist. And karma can be balanced by selfless, altruistic service, by good deeds where you do not request anything in return. You do something positive for others, just because you know that it is right and good. It is a way of worshipping God. The path of selfless service is called Karma Yoga and blesses you with dissolving obstacles and balancing bad karma of your past. Further on, it will refine your character and support your spiritual development. With all this you will become open for the experience of wealth. Every true initiate is naturally a karma yogi and inter alia he receives great blessings of God, great powers and abilities to be able to serve in a most perfect way God, mankind and creation. He also receives full support in all his missions by creation.
  8. Regarding former incarnations, we have to face the phenomenon of unhealthy vows. This is especially true for spiritual people. Imagine that you want to become a monk in a former incarnation. Then you have to make the vow for neglecting property, sexuality and wealth, etc. Such vows are powerful and keep their effects also in future incarnations if they are not consciously dissolved. Here the hypnotherapist can help as well – to discover such vows and to dissolves them, also to replace them with positive thoughts and feelings regarding wealth, sexuality, etc. As I have said, especially spiritual people suffer from this as many of them have had incarnations as monks or nuns. This blockade explains why most spiritual people are poor and suffering.
  9. With this we come to the so-called subconsciousness. This is the unconscious part of us which is full of ideas, feelings, patterns, old experiences, etc. It is quite common that people connect bad ideas and emotions with wealth or money. This bad attitude has the effect of a blockade. Even when your mind and will wish for wealth, etc. then the subconsciousness blocks all your striving for abundance and success. The reasons are countless. Bad experiences can be the case or bad suggestions or a bad example or a bad belief regarding money, etc. Or maybe you don´t believe in yourself. Here again the hypnotherapist is a great help as he supports you in discovering the bad ideas about wealth and money, and he will dissolve this negative attitude and help you to transform it into a positive attitude where you are open for wealth, happiness, success, etc. So the clearing of the subconsciousness together with installing a positive attitude is very important.
  10. Let´s suppose that you are cleaned, healed, refined, etc. so that you are best prepared for taking part in abundance, etc. Now you have to check your surroundings, the people who have great influence on you. Most people have bad ideas about money, wealth, etc. so they talk in a bad way about these things which is indeed a bad influence on you with a blocking effect. Here it is wise to look for people who have a positive attitude and show a supportive influence on you. It is also wise to look for the company of people who already experience wealth in a positive way. Remember also the saying that the “Birds of a feather flock together”. So look for the fitting people to flock together and go on distance to negative people. If you cannot go on distance then use shielding techniques which block all negative influences, so that you keep your positive attitude. Have a look at the book of Choa Kok Sui about Prana Self-Defense.
  11. Then check also the area where you live and work. If you live or work in an area of poverty or other unhealthy, negative conditions then this works like a major blockade to experience wealth, etc. Negative thoughts and emotions cause a negative atmosphere which is working like poison for those who have to live in it. Your area should be positive, vitalizing, surrounded my healthy nature and in best case by people who already experience wealth. If you cannot leave a negative area, then it is important to create a shield for your flat or house and your car and maybe also for yourself to keep the negative influences outside and to be able to cultivate the positive energies inside.
  12. Besides these aspects, it is obvious that a good degree of intelligence, education, positive characteristics and good connections to useful people are basically important for success and creating wealth. So it makes sense to invest time, effort and money in such things.
  13. Now let us have a look which kind of people experience wealth. We have the super-rich people which have extraordinary reasons for their disproportionate wealth. Some of them have realized the highest corresponding qualities and powers which are needed for wealth. Some or many are dark ones which “sold their souls” and others have very special dispositions for so much wealth and power. The normal rich people have good karma or special lessons to learn or it was a combination of luck and hard work. And then we have “the lucky winners” of lottery or amazing coincidences where a normal or poor one has gained a lot of money in shortest time. As these people are normally not prepared to manage wealth, they lose it all in shortest time as well. So this means inter alia, that one has to have the power and skills to keep or maintain wealth. Otherwise it is gone faster than one can imagine.
  14. Now let us turn to the personal powers which are necessary for wealth. You should show a positive attitude, the will for success, endurance, patience, belief in yourself, the quality of daring, silence to keep negative influences away, the fire of enthusiasm, a good intuition, good communication, friendly image, etc. So check yourself if you have all necessary characteristics. If not or if only developed in parts, you should work on them. You can do this with autohypnosis – buy an according book or you train them in certain situations in life or you go to a hypnotherapist to activate and develop these characteristics. Seminars and further education for soft skills are also advisable.
  15. Wealth and the law of love: Creation is based on love and on a higher unity, – even if this is not obvious on the material plane. Everything is originating from unity, everything is maintained by the divine unity and everything is going back to this unity. Unity is an aspect of Akasha and Akasha maintains the harmony in creation, the supply of energy. And in fact it is the divine love of Akasha which nourishes all living beings. Wealth, abundance and life itself are aspects of love. This must be understood. It is the unconditional love of God which is nourishing all his children like the sun gives life to the creatures on earth. Now we have three different cases: First case – you are a dark one, a parasite, violating the laws of creation, ignoring the law of love and unity, and feeding yourself on the costs of others. This selfishness is against the divine unity and love and so you are perceived and also treated like a parasite, like something evil – creation respectively your fellow-men try to get rid of you or you will be punished or killed. So your parasitism-wealth is only for a short time and the karma effects will be destructive for you. So parasitism-wealth is not recommendable as you hurt higher laws and with this yourself in the end. The disproportional high degree of wealth is also not lawful. When a single person is able to buy several countries then something is out of order. The amount of wealth must be in balance with your personality and the intention your follow. In the second case you create a good amount of wealth which fits your needs and normal desires. So you can say that you enjoy a good life. This is the normal, natural or good case. Everyone gets as much as he needs for a fulfilled life. This means lawful balance. Then we have the third case where a person has a positive attitude, knows about the higher unity of creation and the nourishing principle of love. This person creates higher amounts of wealth in a positive way and donates a good degree for altruistic projects and purposes. So here you get and you give in gratitude, love and the consciousness of unity. Here you are a positive part of creation and as you serve creation, creation will serve you, will support you in all your altruistic projects and in the generating of income, wealth. This is certainly the best case and the attitude of a wise man, of an initiate. You understand yourself as a part of the greater unity and only when all parts serve each other then all parts can also receive. It is a matter of mutual nourishment and consciously taking part in the divine abundance, love and unity. So this last case has to be accomplished to experience a superior form of wealth. In this case real win-win-situations are created for everyone. This means also that you do not necessarily have to be a dualistic evil guy to gain wealth in the material world today. But indeed people will love and honor you for your positive attitude and there are several good examples of such noble men who lived in wealth and shared it with mankind. For the practice this means, that you show a grateful attitude for your income and think with love about the divine unity, that you feel yourself as a part of the greater whole and that you serve with love mankind and creation by altruistic projects, work and generous donations (in balance with your income). Be aware that when you serve and care for the greater whole, then also God and creation will serve and care for you. The more good things you do, the more income and support you receive by the universe. But always keep the balance. And when you donate, then donate with true love and happiness from your heart, being thankful that you have the chance to serve creation.
  16. Wealth can also serve as a trap to lead you astray – from the spiritual path. This is true for immature students. A mature person cannot be distracted from the path, independent how much wealth he is creating. So suddenly appearing wealth can be a test for you.
  17. Wealth can be generated by worshipping of special gods, goddesses and divine spirits of the spheres, so-called “angels”. For example Lakshmi is a goddess of abundance, also the green Tara of the Buddhists and Kubera. Here it is useful to connect with love and thankfulness, to use their pictures or statues and to repeat consciously their mantras, mudras, also to pray from the heart with gratitude for blessing you with success, good income, wealth, etc. You can also pray to Maria when you are a Christian. Abundance is in general an aspect of the Venus sphere, green energy, water element and comes along with luck, happiness, wealth, etc. So the female spirits, the goddesses are in main responsible for wealth, etc. On the other hand wealth has certainly also male aspects like success, strength, will power, etc. where for example Kubera is responsible as a god. In fact all five elements and all spheres have their influences on wealth and it is useful to meditate about them. Besides the known gods and goddesses which can be worshipped for wealth, there exist a variety of “angels”, divine spirits in the spheres which are responsible for different aspects of wealth, of generating income, of success in a certain profession, etc. Here you can buy candles in the corresponding color of the sphere/angel, write the name on it and light it for a conscious connection to the angel, to pray for support, guidance and enlightenment regarding your wishes and needs. This all certainly in a positive, thankful and loving manner. So for your practice this means that you make research on fitting gods, goddesses and angels and choose those you feel good with. The fitting angels you find in Bardon´s second book about the spheres.
  18. Further on it makes sense to create batteries, talismans for important powers which are connected to wealth. Create a talisman for success, one for luck, one for a good/divine intuition and one for protection. These are the main ideas or powers which you need to generate wealth. Charge your talismans regularly and create them according to the teachings of Bardon. Hide them before the eyes of others. These external batteries connect to your energy system and will increase, refine and strengthen the corresponding powers and qualities in your personality.
  19. Create elementals or light balls for the different aspects of your business. For example, to find good business partners, to increase the amount of clients, to spread the news about your products or services, to receive support by important people, to find good solutions for problems, to find the right idea for business in general, to receive divine guidance, to have good team work, etc. Elementals can be built by the pure use of your imagination or by the use of your crown and hand chakras. Check the teachings of Bardon. Create your elementals certainly always with a positive attitude, positive intentions, for win-win-situations.
  20. A spiritual master certainly perceives wealth as a natural principle which is connected to several laws of creation. Wealth brings personal freedom and independency, also helps to follow higher missions and to realize altruistic projects. Positive wealth is therefore good and useful. And every spiritual soul should work on realizing wealth as a lot of good can be done. On the other hand a master does not depend on material wealth. It is more a question if wealth fits into his mission or not. A master has also the opportunity to create wealth fast according to the necessities of his situation. A real master can live with and without wealth, just as he needs the fitting conditions for his purposes.
  21. Wealth is normally created by work. But further on there are several uncommon ways to generate wealth fast. In fact it is good to be open for wealth from all sides. So you can win something, you can receive something as a gift, you can find treasures, you can get precious information which generate wealth, etc. Here the main point is just to keep an open and receptive attitude “I am grateful for all the good/wealth which is sent my way!”. And therefore it makes also sense to spend a little money on lottery regularly. Keep all chances for income open. And maybe your intuition leads you to a kind of treasure. Equal what this treasure is about, you can take it and increase your wealth. Be thankful.
  22. When you have reached a good degree of wealth, then keep a good degree of silence, especially regarding jealous people. If you tell or show your wealth to the wrong people, they start to talk in a negative way and with this negative influences are created which can have bad effects on you. So if at all, show yourself in a positive light in public as someone who donates good amounts of money for altruistic projects. People will then support you, appreciate you, love you.
  23. The more refined and balanced you are – after a long training with the four elements, etc. – the easier life will unfold for you. All your wishes will realize fast and easily and with this success and wealth will manifest. With your refined character you will have a great charisma which has very positive effects on your fellow-men and business partner. Indeed you do not need much magic then to accomplish your aims. Further on you will receive support from all sides, just because you are a developed divine being.
  24. Maybe you ask about the nature of money. Money itself is similar to vital energy on the material plane – it has vitalizing qualities. When you accumulate money then you are quite powerful similar to accumulating vital energy. Someone who lacks of money is in a bad condition, maybe also near death similar to when someone lacks of vital energy. And as vital energy also money has to be in the flow, in regular exchange to keep its vitality. But money belongs also to the air element in the sense that it permanently floating from one to another one. Wealth in the form of property belongs to the earth element as this is stable, fixed and meant for long terms. Then you can use money to initiate or activate something (fire), to nourish someone or something (water), to keep it vital and active (air) and to make it grow (earth).
  25. By the way, a magician can use also light ball or elementals to dissolve all kinds of blockades, old vows, bad influences, bad karma, bad thoughts, etc. And he can use this technique to create the desired and useful positive qualities, abilities and powers in his personality. Regular meditations about wealth, success and fortune are also useful. It is very good to use the imagination to experience yourself in situations of wealth, happiness and success, so that the subconsciousness gets the right information to realize wealth automatically. The master, spiritual student or magician can use all techniques and skills to realize what he desires – but always with a positive attitude to manifest only good fruits, good karma.

In conclusion: When you understand wealth and all factors which are connected to it, when you show a positive attitude and fulfill the requirements, then you can develop a good amount of wealth in your life. A good part depends on your disposition and a good part depends on your self-responsible activities to create wealth. Most blockades can be dissolved and replaced in a positive way. And there are divine sources which support you in bettering your life and increasing your wealth.

I wish you all a blessed life in abundance!

Yours, Ray

Add-ons: Answers to questions about what I have written:

  1. Wealth occurs on all three planes, – mental wealth, astral wealth and material wealth. And certainly all three types of wealth are interdependent and connected. This means, for example, when you experience material wealth, then this causes thoughts and feelings of being wealthy. This state of mind and soul is perfectly presented by NASI, a spirit of the spheres. When you have enough money, then you experience feelings of security, of independency, freedom, etc. Wealth means to experience a deep harmony, balance together with a high level of energy, power. So when you experience a state of being saturated, full of energy, in full harmony, then this means wealth, abundance. You have all you need and wish for. Everything is available, indeed you have everything, there is nothing what you lack of. So in fact you do not need a whole list of attributes but you have to understand the core and the core is superior harmony and fullness. It is the full circle which includes the whole spectrum of colors, the diversity of energy, quality and quantity. And this is true for all three planes. Like you have everything on the material plane, respectively you can buy everything it is analogue on the higher planes. So you have all positive energies in quality and power in your soul and the same in your mind, all analogue to the four elements, strong and refined will power, great intellect, great feeling, great consciousness, etc. and wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and all other mental powers, qualities and abilities. There is simply nothing of what you lack of. You are mentally rich, your soul is rich, your body is fit and in best health and you experience wealth in your life. Indeed it is all about the magical equilibrium according to the four elements which brings you into the higher balance to Akasha and creation. Achieving the magical equilibrium means freedom, abundance, harmony, saturation, being centered, etc. And certainly it is all about realizing mastery like Bardon describes it. You have to realize the divine virtues and powers in yourself and then there is nothing what could ever stop you.
  2. Abundance is natural and everyone can take part – as long as we do not live in a slavery system and as long as abundance keeps it natural level and not disproportional wealth where one person has as much money as thousands of normal people.
  3. Who is the richest being at all? God. And who is the richest person? The one who has realized the divine spirit in his microcosm with all its virtues and powers. As usual, things realize by starting from Akasha, going down through the mental plane, the astral plane to manifest at last also on the material plane. So the point is to realize wealth on all planes, starting with the corresponding ideas, progressing with the thoughts, the feelings, the behavior, the action, and done. In other words your need a vision or idea of wealth for you, then you have to create all corresponding thoughts, then you have to create positive analogue feelings, then you have to show successful, wealth-orientated behavior and at last you have to take the corresponding actions. In the end you have to develop wealth on all three planes at the same time, step by step, like Bardon has designed it for the training.
  4. Certainly a positive social status can ease a lot regarding accumulating wealth or being successful, while a low social status provides only obstacles and problems. But the main point is your personality. So when you have rich parents, then your life is easy. But when you character is immature, bad developed, then you won´t make any progress and it will be hard to maintain the wealth of your family. If you have poor parents but you have a powerful character, then you will overcome all obstacles and you will make career, you will achieve your goals. These are the fine differences. And therefore it is most important to develop, strengthen and refine your personality to highest degrees, as you are then able to master all obstacles and to win all challenges. And the first and most important quality and power is the will power, the fire element. It is the unrelenting will power which makes you successful in realizing all your goals in life and in the training. And this is what Bardon points at, also his students in the “Universal Master Key” book. This will power is the highest and most important key for success. Achieving your goals at all costs, at all sacrifices, never giving up. It is the attitude of the warrior who wants to win at all costs. Success or death. Besides this, the dark slavery system works as long well as the slaves are sleeping but the day of awakening comes for everyone.
  5. Yes, certainly, it sounds totally stupid to agree as a soul to a life of suffering but it is the case. Imagine you are on the higher planes, totally free, with clear knowledge about your path and development, about the laws of karma, etc., your state of consciousness is completely different, you are as high as you as being on drugs. You don´t think about the hard times on earth but only about your development as a soul, like thinking about the role you play as an actor in a movie. Besides this, you have not a real or big choice but there are necessities, milestones and situations which have to be accomplished and you simply agree to them. In fact it is like doing a journey. You cannot jump forwards and backwards as you like but you do your journey in steps where one step follows the next step. And every incarnation starts there where your last one has ended. There is no real escape. The only thing you can do is to balance all bad karma as powerful and fast as possible, – with good deeds and with working on your refinement, your magical equilibrium. Only God is free and only the person is free who has realized the divine nature in himself. Only then you are in the center of events and not a soccer ball of the powers of fate. Certainly it is the right attitude to look for excellence in all aspects of life. Hypnotherapists should be available in the USA, in England, Germany, etc. and most of them do or offer also past-life-therapy as this belongs to the techniques of hypnosis. Besides this, you can buy a book about autohypnosis. There you find the right instructions for all applications to create your own records for individual autohypnosis. This is not a big deal.
  6. Yes, it is a hard fact that also magicians are limited in their actions by karma or fate, respectively only under very special conditions bad fate can be reduced or changed but this is probably more than rare. In fact everyone has to dissolve his bad karma and to build up good karma, like everyone knows it from his bank account. Bad karma is the worst obstacle. On the other hand, a spiritual student on his way can receive the right methods to dissolve it more or less easily and fast. Further on bad karma does not only mean that you did something bad but also that you have made very bad experiences which caused damage to your soul and so your soul simply needs healing of old wounds. All in all it is most important to get rid of bad karma as quickly as possible to be free to make the most progress in your incarnation.
  7. “Hypnosis” is nothing else than magic and it provides not only magical knowledge but also a very useful diversity of magical techniques. So a smart student undergoes a complete education in hypnosis for all kinds of purposes. And the major point for dissolving bad karma is that you understand that karma is a form of energy which can be dissolved or transformed, healed, etc. So in general you take energy, you accumulate energy in yourself, vital energy, light or fire element and then you program the energy, you meditate that the energy dissolves your bad karma, your bad thought patterns, your bad emotional patterns, that it heals your old wounds, that the energy causes a higher balance on mind and soul, etc. So dissolving bad karma means a comprehensive clearing, cleaning, healing and balancing of mind, soul and body. Further on you should do the same but then with the idea of awakening, strengthening and unfolding of all positive qualities, powers, abilities in yourself. This all takes, depending on your karma, maybe a few repetitions, a few days until your feel clean and really balanced. And certainly you can repeat it after some weeks or months as it is possible that there are still some bad seeds of karma in your microcosm. Dissolve also all bad vows of former incarnations like monks love to do them. Do it the same way with energy accumulation. Last but not least you can also use Akasha with the idea to realize total harmony in your mind, soul, body and with this in your life. You are the master who determines what is happening in your small world, in your microcosm. By the way, consulting a hypnotherapist is certainly the easiest way and most comfortable but you have to pay for it. The minimum is to buy a good book about autohypnosis for professional application.
  8. Consulting a hypnotherapist is the easy way and the fastest. In best case you look for a good hypnosis trainer and undergo a complete education. This takes maybe 5 seminars for the main abilities, much further training and some thousand Euros. In a lower quality way you just get the necessary teaching stuff or books from the internet and train on your own with a friend. This costs maybe 80 Dollars. In general we human beings depend on the services of others. You go to a doctor when you are ill, you go to a psychotherapist when you suffer psychically and a hypnotherapist can also be of use. Certainly, the more you learn on your own, the better it is but it also takes time and effort.
  9. It is quite simple. Your subconsciousness is the field where you plant your seeds. So when you want to accomplish wealth, then you have to plant wealth seeds in your subconsciousness and you have to water them, to feed them regularly with a lot of energy, so that the seeds are growing fast and realize in your mind, your soul and behavior. In some way this is like brainwashing as a single idea becomes dominant in you and your life. You are completely orientated on realizing wealth. In fact I would combine it with the great will power and success, all in a positive way. Otherwise it gets destructive. Superior, unrelenting will power + absolute success + wealth all on a positive, lawful basis. You can create a good autohypnosis session for regular listening and meditation. And you can charge your water, food, your air and energy accumulations with these ideas, also the atmosphere of your room. This is most powerful, personality and life changing.
  10. As I have said already, in best case you learn hypnosis as hypnosis is magic. Regarding shielding: Get two books from Choa Kok Sui: Pranic Self-Defense and Pranic Crystal healing. You can combine shields with crystals for energy supply and also for the dissolving of bad influences. Golden shields are nice and violet ones are really powerful. You can combine them also. Important it the sufficient power supply and the right programming. Further hints you find in the books and you are able to create them on yourself by Bardon´s teachings. A shield should be strengthened every three or seven days, depending on the purpose, strength, technique, etc.
  11. The most excellent charging of your house/rooms is with the energy of NASI as he provides the perfect energy of wealth. But there are certainly other useful energies for inspiration, for good business, etc. In best case you are a Quabbalist and then you can charge the room directly with Nasi. In second best case you can do evocation magic and just ask him to help you. In third best case you pray to him and others for blessings, support, maybe also for charging your room and talismans. Most powerful is certainly when you prepare your sleeping room with such energy. But I would prefer talismans, charged objects which supply this energy to your system. They are already strong enough. You can do also meditations where you sit in the center of wealth/success energy and accumulate it in yourself. After some repetitions these energies will belong to your personal nature and so success and wealth are a part of your personality and will unfold also in life.
  12. You can increase your intelligence with light and additionally with refining the air element and the Akasha element in yourself. Accumulate these energies in yourself and meditate/program them to increase, refine and strengthen your intelligence and intellect. Regarding education: Learn management and project management, learn about psychology, study “covert hypnosis” of Kevin Hogan, learn about practical psychology, learn logical thinking, study wisdom, etc. A big deal is already Kevin Hogan. Positive characteristics are powers which serve you in all aspects of life. Just regard what Bardon says and what is written in the “Universal master key” book. Good connections are accomplished by the right attitude/ subconsciousness programming and especially with light balls / elementals. In general your personal orientation and intention counts. If you have programmed yourself to get the right idea for successful business, then your subconsciousness and the “universe” will guide you to the right idea automatically. The same thing with connecting with useful people. Be open and willing to meet them and you will do. You must be ready, with the right attitude and orientation. For
    example when you program yourself on finding a certain car with defined features, then you will perceive only this kind of cars and all sources which help you to get one. Put the right question and you get a fitting answer. For all these purposes elementals serve perfectly. But also autohypnosis and prayers help. It is also a matter of your will. When you have a superior will power then your wishes realize fast. When you are able to unite with absolute power then there is nothing what could stop you. Therefore it makes sense to undergo the whole training to achieve the tenth step, total mastery, unity with all divine virtues and powers.
  13. The letter of fortune and wealth is the letter G, green, water element, Venus sphere, abundance, fortune, etc. It is certainly the question if you want or can undergo a quabbalistic training. But in fact it is enough when you use green color and water element + the right programming for drawing fortune and wealth into your life, manifesting happy situations and luck in the lottery maybe. So you can prepare two or three talismans for these purposes: One for fortune, one for luck in games/lottery and one for generating wealth. Besides this, you could accumulate the water element in green color in your lower belly and meditate that it activates and strengthens your qualities of fortune, wealth, etc. // Quabbalah provides all energies to realize all abilities, qualities and powers which creation offers, known and unknown ones. Quabbalah deals with the absolute, with total perfection, with the highest powers and virtues.
  14. The normal way is to develop these qualities and powers by taking the challenges of life. You can also put special challenges for yourself to develop these things. You can use autohypnosis. You can accumulate vital energy or element energies to develop them with the right meditation or programming. You can use elementals. You can ask God and the spiritual realms to give you the situations to develop these qualities (but I won´t do this). In general when you put energy and the right program together, then you can unfold quickly all desired powers or abilities, qualities. At last you certainly need training of your skills in real life. The first and most important quality is the unrelenting will power which is the driving force for all other things.
  15. Donations are a part of maintaining wealth. Also the evil ones use this law to keep their wealth. So indeed there are always people who need money and who are not able to help themselves by teaching them useful methods. Higher teachings are also not meant for everyone as they require a certain degree of maturity. So in fact one part is donations, another part are altruistic projects which can include help for self-help. The main point is that you understand yourself as a part of creation which is positive and supportive for the other parts of creation and then you will be supported as well. And giving as well as receiving should always come along with true love and gratitude. The right intention is very important. Besides this, the dark ones serve as the negative force for the people to wake up and to put energy into their own development. Without the negative forces people would not make the slightest progress.
  16. “Wealth can also serve as a trap to lead you astray – from the spiritual path.” As long as you are incarnated you may enjoy this but as soon as you enter the astral realms you will be very disappointed about your failure.
  17. All the gods or goddesses are good and useful, the same with the “angels” of Bardon. It is up to you to choose what fits for you individually the most. Here you have to make personal research. Check the descriptions of all spirits in Bardon´s evocation book and pick out the most fitting. You can use their sigils in the right color to pray to them for blessings and guidance in a thankful, cordial way. These spirits are divine beings. You cannot hide anything from them, so you should be honest always. You can prepare talismans with their sigils and ask them to bless them for your purposes. As these are all positive beings they probably will support you when you show a positive attitude and higher ideals. In general everyone has to put own effort into studies as it is all about becoming a master of life. For all gods, etc. you find the fitting mudras and mantras in books or the internet.
  18. The simplest way is to choose a fitting object as a talisman, then clean it with alcohol or cold water from all old influences, if possible draw the sigil or sign or a god/ spirit in it. Now charge and program it by yourself or simplest way, ask the spirit/god to bless it for your purpose. You can also ask a priest or monk or Lama to prepare one or to bless it. You can also buy real magical talismans from Iris Rinkenbach in Germany. Look for her internet websites (Alrunia). Otherwise make experiments. Take your talisman and meditate about his effectiveness and power, etc.
  19. Light balls are elementals but they are created by a special or different techniques. Here you draw high frequency energies into your crown chakra, lead them through your hand chakras and create in this way a ball of light. Then you program it and send it off to realize its purpose. The creation of elementals is a matter of pure imagination and of the charging of a sphere with light so that it appears like a small sun. Then programming. Done. Bardon shows the technique in his first book.
  20. It is just a matter of the application of the magical techniques and abilities the magician has gained so far. Elementals, talismans, clairvoyance, support of higher beings, gnomes for treasures in the earth, alchemy, etc. The old martial arts traditions had certainly true initiates who worked like magicians in many ways.
  21. “I am grateful for all the good/wealth which is sent my way!” You can plant and anchor it in your subconsciousness as a natural pattern of mind and soul. Autohypnosis or meditation or the sentence written somewhere, where you look at daily. Here you have to put the idea together with the positive feeling and attitude and maybe the imagination that you are blessed with good influences, wealth and money, good chances, fortune, happy situations, etc. It is useful to remind yourself of this positive attitude from time to time until it feels natural for you which means that it is now a part of your nature.
  22. The main point here is to do not flaunt or show off your wealth. People with money often exaggerate in the way of showing their wealth and this brings negative influences. So you can be wealthy but keep a moderate appearance in public. You can donate money or do altruistic projects in a public way with the effect of getting and maintaining a positive image. This is okay and good. But in general, the more you are able to keep silence about special aspects of yourself, the more you are protected from evil influences and the easier you can keep your wealth and the easier you can unfold in your training. For protection you can use physical methods like normal security measures but also talismans, elementals, elementars and other magic.
  23. It is quite simple, – become a god. So at least you should master the tenth step and in best case you master the whole quabbalistic training practically. In second best case you cooperate with the divine beings of the spheres and maybe with beings of the element realms. And in fact, that is the reason why you are undergoing the training, to become a real master of life and to refine yourself to divine degrees, then creation will serve you as well as you serve creation as a divine authority. The magical equilibrium can be pushed with efficient work on your mind and soul by hypnosis, autohypnosis, spiritual healing, karma clearing and then you have to put a lot of effort into the accumulation training with the four elements and in best case also with Akasha as soon as possible. And all this is pushed by dedicating yourself to high spiritual ideals, to realizing true mastery, etc. The magical vow pushes you respectively calls creation to push you. You have to work for your aim at all costs and with an iron will, with love and total trust.
  24. Money can be understood as the physical appearance of vital energy which follows nearly the same laws and causes similar effects. The real energy behind money is the wealth energy which with you can work. You can charge yourself with wealth energy, like you do with all other kinds of energy. The aim is to impregnate yourself with this energy to make wealth a natural part of your personality. This takes meditation. Try to understand this energy, try to feel its qualities and then accumulate the energy in yourself and program it to become a part of your own nature. Besides this, when you understand the synthesis of the five elements regarding money and wealth, then you have the knowledge to cause positive, desired effects for your purposes. So you will use the water element, maybe in form of a talisman to draw wealth to you, and also fortune. You can use the earth element to stabilize and to make your wealth grow in form of property. You can use the air element for a perfect flow of money. The fire element for the right drive for success and happy business. And so on. The master has to understand all topics, all problems completely and he has to be able to use the keys of wisdom to analyze these things for his benefit.
  25. “By the way, a magician can use also light ball or elementals to dissolve all kinds of blockades, old vows, bad influences, bad karma, bad thoughts, etc. And he can use this technique to create the desired and useful positive qualities, abilities and powers in his personality.” How? Just use the techniques of Bardon with the corresponding program, purpose.
  26. “I am looking for the elite information, the cutting edge; the very techniques that succeed!” It is also a trap to search for something which does only exist in your mind. All techniques and information are available and it is more a matter to understand them really and especially their true importance. When you accomplish the path of a magician then the world lies to your feed and as a divine authority you can fulfill your wishes according to the laws of creation easily. The funny thing is that when you have reached a certain degree of mastery, you do not really need magic for your purposes in life as your personality has changed to a divine being. So in fact it makes sense to put much effort in your personal development as all other things will realize as a side effect naturally. This is the secret – simply to undergo the training and to become a master in some years. When you optimize your whole training then you can reach mastery in a nice time.
  27. Maybe simply get a talisman by Iris Rinkenbach for success/wealth as the simplest solution for your wish. This costs around 100 Euros and provides best quality.
  28. Personal statement: I must admit that wealth and material things haven´t had any real meaning for me throughout my whole life. I have been only interested in my own development to highest possible degrees. Already as a child I had a great motivation to gain at all costs and all sacrifices the crown of wisdom, including all other divine virtues. And so I put all effort into studies, research and training, also further education. Fortunately I am naturally blessed with an unrelenting will power, great endurance, great mystical attitude, great dedication and devotion, and all together much power and refinement in all four elements. On the other hand, I had to overcome big obstacles and a lot of suffering from health problems and depressions which are connected to traumatic experiences of former incarnations. Nevertheless I was able to accomplish all my set aims in best time and with full power but also with great sacrifices. Regarding wealth, I have been blocked over years by former spiritual vows and it took me a long time to discover this. And yes, I have learned a lot by my education in hypnosis and in spiritual healing techniques. You know, when I have started as a teenager, no one told me anything but in fact I had to make research, training and experiments completely on my own. And what I know now, took me in parts years to discover it. If I start now with the training, I would optimize everything that I would make in a most efficient way good progress. But now I can only pass on my experiences to save time, effort and mistakes for my fellow students on the path. I have checked all traditions and all techniques which are available, so I can recommend techniques with a very good conscience. And as I am a hypnotherapist and past-life-therapist myself, I certainly can work out sessions for myself to support my training.


Yours, Ray