About life

Imagine that you are at the beach. It is a sunny day with a fresh breeze and a blue sky. And there are great waves which are calling you to take your surfboard for enjoying the ride.

You feel alive.

You take your surfboard and swim to the coming wave.

It is wonderful.

And already in the next moment, you are standing on your board, riding the wave.

Great fun in the flow of the present moment.

Life can go on like this forever, surfing on the waves of the ocean.

You are surfing one wave after the other.

And when you fall from the board, you swim directly back to the surface, catching the next wave to ride it.

Endless joy, endless dynamic flow, surfing all the waves at the beach.

This is life!

Life is comparable with this situation. When you incarnate, you face the waves of life, coming and going, up and down, and it is left to you to ride them, to take one wave after the other, to stay on top, to enjoy the present moment, the flow, the feeling of being completely alive. And when you fall from the board, going down, gasping for breath, maybe losing the orientation, – the best thing you can do is to swim to the surface, looking for the next wave. When you deal with life like that, then life can be great with all its challenges (waves).

Be a surfer on the waves of life!

Enjoy each moment!