Problems and new opportunities

Quite often in life we make the experience that we got stuck in a problem or in a bad situation. We have tried everything to escape or to solve it but there is no chance, no matter what we try. When we talk to a family member, coworker or friend about this problem then the other person tries to help with well-meant suggestions. But this does not help either. It only shows how stuck the situation is.

Now, we have to options. First option: Just continuing with headaches about the problem, thinking over and over again about the same approaches to solve it, only to see again that nothing works. This deepens the frustration and suffering. Or we understand that the situation or problem is already petrified and that it is a waste of time to invest more thinking and energy into finding a solution. Then we are open for the second option: To ask for a new opportunity. Something new must come with better conditions than before. And this means that you set a new focus switching from problem to solutions, to new opportunities. Here it is important to be willing to let go the old situation and to open up for something new, something good.

Imagine you have a cup of coffee. The coffee does not taste well. It is really bad in quality. Now you can be annoyed. You can suffer. You can curse. But no matter what you do, the bad coffee does not change its quality. Now you might think “I have paid the coffee, I must drink it!” But this rigid adherence only supports your suffering. Let´s imagine, you choose option number 2 and so you simply dump the bad coffee down the drain and get a fresh one. The problem is solved and the new opportunity is taken.

Now when, we think about serious issues like job or relationship then we see that we have invested a lot of energy and effort, and for this reason it seems very hard to give up, independent how bad it is. It is a psychological problem. We have a tendency to cling to “our property”. But as soon as we free ourselves from such clinging, we become open for better opportunities.

In all cases, it is necessary to make this conscious step, saying that you are ready to leave the problems and to enter a new and better opportunity. Then you should call on divine support, so that a new situation can materialize for you. For example, due to some “coincidences” you get informed about a new job offer in a nice company or you find a person where you feel a deep and happy connection for a wonderful relationship.

Just trust into divine opportunities and support from the spiritual realms. Pray, express your heart´s desires to God, ask for help, be grateful and then open your eyes and ears, see and listen, watch out for signs, follow your intuition. Things will unfold for you.