In fact there are countless initiations as there are countless mysteries reflecting the diversity of creation. But there are two main initiations which have the biggest impacts on the spiritual aspirant. The first one is the initiation into the reality of the multidimensional universe. This means that the aspirant is induced to leave his body and to go on astral or mental traveling. Here he travels the earth zone where the deceased souls live to get an impression about the “after life”. Certainly he meets deceased masters and his guide, gets questions answered and also messages for his brothers on the earth. After making such an experience he won´t fear death anymore. He is initiated into the higher realms and he knows what is waiting for him after his physical death.

The second initiation is even more powerful. Here the aspirant is reconnected to the divine source of life, to God. It is called enlightenment. The unity is accomplished and the initiate takes part now in his eternal, divine nature as well as in his human nature.

Today the representatives of secret circles or specific traditions often are not able any more to cause the necessary trance to let the aspirant leave his body for traveling the macrocosm.

Also the enlightenment initiation is quite limited today. Enlightenment is often offered in steps and in a very limited way.

The most questionable “initiation” today is the intellectual where people point at geometry and mathematics which might be nice but has absolutely no effects on the spiritual maturity or development of the aspirant.

Quality is a very big factor/question today.