Evil thinking patterns

Today I came across another typical example of evil problem solving. So I decided to write a note about this. When you observe how people think, which patterns or strategies they use in politics, economics, in society, etc. then you can clearly distinguish the evil approach from the wise way. This differentiation is very important not only for the spiritual student but for all of us and simply for the reason that it is the basis to survive.

The example which I met today is the following: Clever scientists have developed a robotic control device which is set on bees to control their brain activities and to make them drones following your will. Indeed this sounds like content of a horror movie – to take away your free will and make you do what your “master” wants. This is not a “nice” idea independent if it is about controlling humans like living zombies or small bees.

So, the smart scientist explained his invention with the possibility to use single bees like robots to pollinate specific blossoms (as we suffer at the moment from the growing extinction of bees).

Eventually for one or another this sound brilliant but indeed it is a master piece of stupidity. Imagine such a smart scientist with a remote control “driving” a single bee from one blossom to the next one. Even if this is automated by a computer it is nonsense. Further on it does not stop the dying out of the bees and it cannot replace bees. So it is complete nonsense. The whole point was that the scientist was enthusiastic about making a bee his robot. The application was not of original interest. But psychologically seen we always need a “good” reason for doing something.

Besides all the nonsense, the main point here is that the evil guys don´t care at all about cause and effects. And in fact they are those who cause all the problems as they ignore the laws of nature.

Practically seen it works like this: An evil, chaotic guy ignores the laws of nature and does something really stupid which causes lots of problems and suffering. He does this because he can make money or he can increase his power and control or he inflates his ego or he is just from the dark site and has nothing better to do respectively in the normal case all reasons come together. Now the countless problems are there and people have to cope with them. Again the evil guy shows up and proclaims that he has a “good” solution. This solution is evil again and works for the same reasons and certainly causes even more problems and suffering. In this way all goes on until everything is completely destroyed.

The point here is that the evil guy does not question “what has gone wrong?” but he simply doesn´t care about the real causes of the problem. He looks for “new” “ways” to deal with the problem which address only the symptoms. And as these new ways are bad too, new evil symptoms appear. It is like the story with the Hydra. It is a monster where more heads will grow than you are able to cut off. It is the symbol for the evil way. Cutting of symptoms does not solve the problem.

In fact, if we ask a wise man, he would say “let´s examine the roots of the problem and then let us restore the natural-divine order according to the laws of nature.” Only then the problem is really solved.

In the example with the robot bee the question is what makes the bees die out? Probably pollution, electro smog, etc. So the solution is to clean and heal the environment and to help the bees to recover in quantity. Then they can pollinate the blossoms again and everything is fine.

Unfortunately we find this evil patterns of problem solving everywhere today. A very good example is the whole field of health care. Instead of educating people and helping them to maintain a healthy, vital life style with high quality food and enough physical activities plus happy relationships, the evil approach is just to produce more and more drugs to fight the symptoms. This costs a lot of money and does not solve the real problem and it causes lots of suffering. But certainly in this way you make a lot of money and keep people under control.

For all of us it is most important to question everything today, especially the “official” propaganda in all fields of life. In fact meanwhile it is a question of survival. The evil way leads to destruction and suffering. The good way brings healing and the restoration of the natural-divine order.

We need the vital, healthy order. We need to follow the laws of nature. We are no robots, no slaves and no zombies.