The spiritual path and its goals

As a human being, we have the choice which philosophy or worldview we want to follow. Besides all the conditioning from childhood on regarding values, belief, attitude, religious, cultural or philosophic frames, there is still this freedom of choice. Force or compulsion can be only external but not internal. So even if religion, tradition, society or politics force you to dress and to behave in a certain way, then still your thoughts and feelings are free.

The first choice for all of us is either to agree completely to the situation in which we have grown up or to form your own opinion about everything.

When we choose to agree with the cultural, traditional, social, religious, etc. situation, then this is the simplest choice as all is given and nothing needs to be considered, researched, compared, etc. to make up your own opinion. You just have to go on like you are used to from your childhood. In fact, this saves a lot of effort, stress, energy, suffering, problems, etc. The only point is that you have to function within the system. Otherwise, you get problems too. The “best” version of this path is a religion which offers guidance and answers for all aspects of life. No one needs to think on his own but you just need to check what the holy teachings say and even this is not necessary, – you just ask one of the religious teachers and he will tell you exactly how to behave in a certain situation. In the end, you know that when you do everything like you are meant to, you will enter a kind of heaven or paradise after death with countless rewards for your submissive behavior. In conclusion, all is fine, all is perfect and great rewards are waiting for you.

This choice works more or less for the majority of people. But there are also others who put questions, who are not satisfied, not happy with the presented traditional frame of life, who query certain ideas of tradition, religion, society, etc. Due to their character and experiences in life, they choose the second option and try to form their own opinion. This oppositional behavior can cause problems as those who are in control in society often do not appreciate it. It is simply a threat for the established order. If you are in a liberal country then this might be no big problem but if you are in a country which is very strict, then it can cause problems and even punishment or exclusion from society.

In conclusion, so far, we can see that this first choice is a matter of character, personal attitude and good or bad experiences which you have made. For certain people it is good and satisfying to follow the tradition. For some people it is not good and not satisfying to do so. It is an individual decision.

Now, let us assume that you are one of the second group, with an open mind, a lot of questions, critical awareness, the desire for understanding this world and the drive for research. Then you have already the basis for the spiritual path, the necessary attitude.

Let´s imagine that you follow the call and that you start to do research, that you study the various philosophies, religions and scientific theories, the various ideas about human beings, about this world, about the origins of this world and all of its beings, about the idea of a multidimensional universe, about history and ancient history and the meaning of it all. In conclusion, you are probably quite busy over years to study the puzzle of life and working on putting all parts together for a holistic picture in the end.

During your time of studies, you have two further choices. Either you choose to put your ego into the center of all studies, or you choose to put the absolute reality into the center.

The first choice lets you find ideas about this world, mankind, etc. which fit to your expectations and your opinion. You simply choose something fitting and this fitting philosophy or understanding of this world is corresponding to your personality, your needs, your experiences, your preferences, etc. This is certainly okay. You new worldview will last as long as you do not change yourself, as long as you do not grow beyond your present state. So, maybe you become an atheist, or you simply change your religion, or you integrate some kind of new knowledge or lifestyle. This can lead to a spiritual attitude, but it is not a “must”. However, you have made progress.

Now, let´s assume that you are here to find the ultimate truth, the highest possible understanding of this world, of yourself and of the meaning of everything. Then you set the highest possible standard for your studies beyond any opinions, preferences, desires, etc. Then you are truly on the spiritual path, a serious seeker of true wisdom.

Practically speaking, this means that you will do more comprehensive and comparative studies of the diversity of philosophies, scientific findings, religious ideas and concepts for the different aspects of life in society. It means that you will evaluate all puzzle pieces, compare them and set them together in a logical, useful way to get the complete picture in the end. So, indeed, you become a great researcher with a comprehensive, general knowledge and understanding. Your mind will be expanded, and you will be able to juggle with different ideas and theories. You will also be able to understand and handle paradoxes.

Your research will let you discover that not all is true what people believe, that all what happens follows hidden intentions, that higher truths are simple in nature, that there are hidden laws of nature, that there is a hidden sense in everything and for everyone, that all religions have similarities or a certain core, that there is a kind of evolution for the human soul, that we live in a multidimensional universe, that our world is magical, full of wonders and mysteries, and much more.

You will understand that the most important message of all religions and traditions is love, to love yourself and all beings, and with this to follow the standard of ethics which originate from the idea of love, – like showing compassion, being wise, showing understanding, being kind, etc.

You will understand that you can undergo a universal spiritual training where you heal, vitalize and refine yourself, where you unfold your full potential, like a flower grows, unfolds and flourishes, starting as a bulb in the ground.  This training is just the conscious walk through the natural development which is foreseen for you.

You will understand that you are a creator, that you are meant to take responsibility for your life, that freedom and abundance are your birth rights and that it is up to you to follow your inner nature, independent if you want to be active as an artist, philosopher, teacher, scientist or whatever you feel is right for you. You are meant to enjoy true freedom and harmony in life.

Being a true creator unfolds in steps, depending on your desire to develop yourself. Basically, it means, that you start to create your life in a conscious way, corresponding to your ideals, ethics, needs and wishes. This means that you leave the passive, victim mode to enter the active, manager mode. In higher steps, you can deepen your knowledge about the laws of creation and your higher, original nature, undergoing advanced spiritual training for higher levels of mastery and harmony. It is the process of refinement, of spiritualization. On even higher levels you learn to know our multidimensional universe, the divine workshop, the administration of creation and you refine your nature to highest degrees. This means achieving the highest level of mastery in life, complete unfolding and flourishing in all aspects of yourself and a superior state of harmony within yourself and with the world.

However, it is all completely up to you when and how far you want to develop yourself. There is no force, no pressure, just respect for your free will.

The universal spiritual path is based on the laws of creation and the principles of human development. It is logical in its structure with the goal to unfold your whole potential as a human being, – like a flower is meant to flourish completely. The universal path is the core of all religious teachings and spiritual traditions. It is the education and training of mind, soul and body in a balanced, lawful way.

Now, what does this all mean concretely for you?

A true spiritual attitude means to strive for highest knowledge and understanding of our world and the human being beyond opinions.

It means to understand that you are a self-responsible, powerful creator of your life circumstances.

It means to acknowledge the higher, all-underlying principle of unity and all-embracing love with all its consequences for life.

It means to show respect and to be respected. Freedom is a very important goal. It is the personal freedom to make the best choices in life and to follow a higher meaning.

And besides these things, – important goals are to heal yourself from traumas, from bad experiences, to heal your relationships, to dissolve blockades and disharmonies, to bring yourself back into a state of vital harmony, to raise your level of vitality and health, to empower you, to give you all the tools which you need for a successful, happy and blessed life in a state of natural-divine abundance, etc.

Now, it is up to you, respectively your individual needs, what kind of studies and exercises are most beneficial for you. For example, you can study teachings about wisdom, so that you are able to make wise decisions and to understand problems deeply. You can work on your health and vitality. You can gain higher levels of clarity and focus. You can increase your love and compassion. You can learn management techniques for mastery in life. You can engage yourself in altruistic projects to support the human family and creation. You can connect to nature and all beings on a deeper level. You can unfold the genius in yourself. You can increase your divine intuition. You can do so many wonderful, fascinating things on the spiritual path, with a spiritual attitude. You can enjoy so much love, freedom and happiness. It is all up to you. You are here to create beauty and wonders in life. And doing this together brings even more joy and happiness.

Maybe, you ask yourself if there is something you need to give up, to quit, to release. In fact, you are not forced in anyway to anything. But naturally, you will feel at some point to release what causes pain, to dissolve what blocks you from happiness, to transform darkness into light, to leave old ideas behind and to replace them by higher knowledge. It is the natural process of change. You grow and you refine yourself, you expand your consciousness, your love and understanding. These are totally natural and positive changes. And certainly, you can keep what is good, what you love and appreciate from your past, from your cultural, traditional and religious background. The spiritual attitude and knowledge can be easily integrated.

In conclusion, all is positive, beneficial for you, so that you flourish and unfold in a most beautiful way.

You are free and it is up to you what you study, and which exercises you want to undergo. On the path, there are only brothers and sisters, some are older and wiser, some are younger, but all are bound by brotherly-divine love, wishing the best for everyone.

Theory and exercises are derived from empiric research and are based on logic. The own practical experiences are of highest value. Wisdom rules. Love rules. Understanding rules.

What else could be better?

And how else could we cause beneficial changes for mankind and creation?

Spirituality is based on personal development.

It is the ancient formula: Clean yourself! Heal yourself! Refine yourself!

When we do this, the world will change too. The world needs cleaning, healing and refinement.

Let us do this together! It is the right time!