On the playground

Imagine that you are a young child with siblings of your age. Imagine that you have loving parents who take good care of you all. You have everything you need, and you get everything you desire. Your home is wonderful. It has a warm, nourishing atmosphere where you all enjoy peace and harmony. Everything is fine. Everything is perfect. Your wellbeing is in the focus.

Now, one day your mother prepares you all for a trip to the next playground. It is a very big playground with lots of play equipment in all colors and forms. It is like an adventure paradise, a wonderful playground which offers more than you could ever dream of.

As soon as you and your siblings arrive, your eyes get big and you are totally enthusiastic about all the possibilities for playing, for true adventures. And so, you and your brothers and sisters start running towards the playground, ready to try all the play equipment. It is a wonderland which is waiting for you to get explored and you feel the energy rising in you, the drive to test your skills and powers. Your phantasy gets active too and countless different roles come into your mind which you all want to test.

You run, you climb, you role over the ground, you swing with the rope, you shout, you wrestle, you call your siblings, you scream together, you are pirates on the wild ocean on a sinking ship, you play family, you make sand cakes, you play knights, you are monsters, you are construction workers, you gather flowers for your Mum, – you do everything which is possible.

You feel truly alive. You explore who you are and what you can do. You make good and bad experiences. You enjoy the great fun of playing roles and you cry when you fall, when you get kicked. You are sad when you lose the fight among the pirates. You feel the anger and the heat rising when you defend your territory against the evil monsters.

You experience yourself on the playground.

The playground offers all you need to really get to know yourself.

At home, in this wonderful, loving, harmonious atmosphere you feel well but it does not offer you the space to experience yourself.

Now, I think that we all can follow this idea of being a playful child with the strong desire for adventures and self-experience, and we all know the peaceful atmosphere at home where everything is fine.

The point is that this picture is corresponding to our home in the spiritual realms and the playground here on earth. While we are in heaven, all is fine, loving, nourishing, full of peace and harmony. And when we incarnate, we are on the playground of life, with thousand opportunities, thousand roles to play and countless ways to explore our nature, to get to know who we are. This world offers us to make good and bad experiences as life unfolds in this polarity. Only in this way, we learn to appreciate the good and to neglect the bad. Experiences of joy and pain are teaching us. And, we get to know our limitations, our powers, skills and qualities.

In the end, – the incarnation on earth, on the playground of life offers us the experience of being truly alive together with real self-experience. There is no other way to get to know ourselves and creation. And when you think about children, – they try everything, good things and bad things, simply because there is no other way to learn to differentiate both.

We are incarnated to feel alive, to test our limits. The earth is a playground, a serious playground as everything has consequences but we love to be here, to make new experiences, to grow, to unfold, to changes the roles we play.

Life on earth is playful and serious at the same time. It is up to us to be more playful and kind like children and to enjoy this time of being incarnated. Even when we might look old, we still are children. We just forgot about this.