The light of metaphysics on spiritual traditions and religions

Creation and life works well without any explanations, theories, science or philosophies. We human beings also live perfectly without any of them. On the other hand since our existence we have had questions about life, creation, human beings and the source of it all. And so we started early to think about these questions, to do research, to create opinions, beliefs, theories, philosophies, etc. In fact we have made a lot of discoveries about ourselves and the world we are living in. As a result the different sciences, religions, spiritual traditions, ethics, etc. developed.

Well, somehow they all work, – they all have explanations, theories, ways of living and development, systems of education and training. This is all okay and good.

As a human being you might have the choice among all these more or less different beliefs, systems, religions, traditions, etc. And maybe you ask yourself which one is the right one, the true one. And maybe you understand that all these religions, spiritual traditions are just branches or blossoms of one original source which could be named the “universal religion” or the “original spirituality” or maybe just “reality”.

And when you think that this is true, then there must exist a universal science which underlies all these different branches and blossoms, which unites them all. It must work like mathematics, like physics, – neutral, scientific, clear, logical and useful, applicable for everyone, everywhere and for all systems.

And in fact this universal science exists. Everyone can use it to improve his understanding of his own belief, his own spiritual tradition or religion and certainly of God, mankind and creation.

This science is not based on opinions, ideologies, beliefs but it is based on reality, on empiric research, on experiences which everyone can make to prove the teachings.

This science is pure mathematics, pure physics, completely neutral and good to comprehend.

In the light of this science you will be able to receive all answers, – just because it works like mathematics. Since the Greek philosophers this science is called officially metaphysics, – the science of physics which includes everything, which is not limited to the material world. You can also say that metaphysics is physics for mind, soul and matter.

With natural respect for everyone and everyone´s belief, tradition and religion, I want to recommend the study of this science to improve your holistic understanding of our world, our role and the source of everything. This science can help you to enhance or complete your philosophy or your spiritual training if necessary or to see the great value of certain teachings and exercises.

Our association provides spiritual education in the universal science of metaphysics with respect to everyone and every spiritual tradition or religion.

If you long for the deeper truth, for a deeper understanding, then join us at SURA, the International Theistic Federation.