The heart connection

We human beings are a composition of the different planes of existence and with this, of different psychic centers with their specific functions. This can be examined when we communicate or interact with each other. In main the level of mind and the level of emotions, needs and desires are active. The mind is always very talkative, and the ego is always very busy expressing its desires. And so, when humans meet then there are at least to talkative minds being very busy with checking and expressing their desires. Talkative egos often cause problems because their needs can be quite different. One person wants to relax while the other person needs attention for talking about the latest event. Or both have opposite desires and want to convince the other one. In conclusion, the chances for trouble are always good which makes human communication an art and science if it is supposed to be successful.

Now, as usual the limited ego with all its needs, desires, opinions causes these difficulties in the communication and interaction with others. (Only the refined and healed ego is very cooperative and willing to learn.)

The key or solution is now to take a conscious focus on the heart level. This means to connect consciously to the heart chakra and to use it as the channel of communication. The heart chakra is the opposite pole to the solar plexus chakra. It offers love, understanding, tolerance, generosity, freedom, high communication skills, etc. And it has the ability to connect very well with all beings. It is the ability to build bridges. Once, such a bridge is built, the communication is much easier and beneficial for all.

Practically, this means, before you communicate with someone, let your attention flow to your heart center to activate it, then keep your feeling there and use it as your communication channel. It will instantly make you smile from your heart, through your eyes, and the other person will feel this love flowing from you. And this will make him or her feel accepted, understood, respected and well-connected with you. A kind of unity will be established in this way, a very healthy, vital, positive type of unity. And this unity will be the perfect basis for you both to listen, to understand, to express your ideas, needs and wishes, and to find good solutions.

This is valid for all conversations and should be the standard. We can find this naturally when a mother or father talks to her/his child or when lovers talk with each other. And it is the standard when a guru talks with his students or followers. It is the master attitude which open all doors, and which build wonderful bridges over the diversity of differences (in culture, religion, etc.).

Learn to communicate with your heart and make life wonderful!