The birth of ethics

Morals have been born by the necessity for rules for managing a community of people. Morals need a higher authority to keep them working. This authority is given by religious leaders. They can say that God wants it this way and they can threaten people with hell and the devil. So in conclusion, morals are working only by force on the lowest level.

In contrast to morals, we have ethics. True ethics are born from the awakened heart of a human being. And so they are a matter of maturity of mind and soul, and do not depend on any force or any written laws. They origin from nature, from a higher state of human development. An enlightened being has experienced the state of unity and understands that all beings come from the same source of life. So ethics come from a state of unconditional love, wisdom and real understanding. And this is a big difference to morals and dogmas.

All seekers who walk the path will go through different states of understanding and experience. One milestone is to understand that morals and dogmas need to be left behind. It is easy to see that there is a lot of misuse happening with these things, that there are a lot of fraudsters who pretend to be super moralistic but in fact cheat more than anyone else. After leaving this milestone behind, the seeker might feel that all is relative, and that light and darkness are simply parts of life. This is the dualistic state. But the journey goes on and as soon as the heart awakens, dualism is overcome, and the beauty of unity is accomplished. Then ethic thinking, feeling and behaving are realized naturally. It is the realization of the divine nature on the level of the soul, the astral body. It is heaven on earth, love, unity, compassion, understanding, wisdom, peace, best wishes for all beings, good deeds, selfless service, etc.

These differences need to be understood. We all walk the path and our experiences change and with this understanding and attitude change. Development means change.