Institutions for assisted thinking

What do you think about an institution which assists you in thinking? How would you feel? Would you welcome such an institution as you can save precious energy for own research, own studies and own thoughts about topics? Would you enjoy it as everyone has the same opinion? Would you feel comfortable and happy as you know someone keeps good care of you?

Obviously, most people truly enjoy it.

Isn´t it wonderful that we have not only one institution which cares for us and helps with thinking, but in fact many?

The first institution for assisted thinking was religion. It has been telling us what to think, what not to think, what to believe, how to behave, how not to behave, etc. In fact, this institution brings a great relief to people as it liberates them from the need to think for themselves and to create an own opinion.

As this concept of assisted thinking has been a great success, other institutions popped up. Today, we enjoy a whole list of institutions for assisted thinking. It is fascinating that they all still have a religious character, being based on belief and condemnation of disbelievers.

In fact, all aspects of life are controlled today by institutions for assisted thinking. They tell us what to think, feel and how to behave. They take care that we know what is good and who is bad.

For the assistance in thinking, they take a lot of money. But people are more than ready to pay. It is like a drug addiction which is so satisfying until withdrawal effects appear. Being sober, you perceive the hell which you have been enjoying so far.

It is interesting that people are conditioned to the care of such institutions. It is like getting born in a trance state, growing up and dying in this trance without the need or wish to look out of the mental prison. And those who wake up from the trance are combated as hard as possible as they are a threat to the system.

Obey and believe, otherwise you go to hell! Look at your brothers and sisters. They are happy with the assisted thinking. Be happy like them!

We truly care about our flock!

Your institution of assisted thinking.