Sura Training – join us!

Sura Training:

To all those who want to join – please finish your entrance exams or ask me to send you the papers!

If you like to donate to push the realization of the Sura Training websites and the content, then please use the gofundme website or use paypal to send me directly your donations: raydelsole(at)
The whole project is based on my idealistic attitude which serves the divine virtues of light and love and with this all those mature souls who are on their way of unfolding their inner divine nature. Idealism is good and a great motivation to work much but nevertheless in the material world everything depends on money. The website takes alone 1500 Euros. And I am sacrificing my spare time and vacations to get things done. It is my will and my service. And in the near future we will have something of beauty, a training which will save a lot of time and mistakes, which will ease progress and will be beneficial in many ways. And besides this we will enjoy a community of true brethern and sisters on the holy path which is most precious.
There is great value in this project. And together we can realize it.

Yours, in love, light and service,

PS: Meanwhile our websites are online: