Spiritual Fine Tuning

Imagine that you are an artist. So far you have worked only with muddy colors, colors which are mixed but not pure and radiant. Only from time to time and only in parts you have seen the better or true colors. Then one day, you come across teachings about pure, clear colors in their natural appearance. This is totally new for you and so far you have only heard rumors about their existence and beauty. Now you follow the instructions how to produce pure colors like red, blue, brown, yellow, green, etc. This takes a lot of effort but here already the effects are great. Your pictures look totally different to those of former times with the mixed up colors. Your pictures are radiant, pure and wonderful. Later on, you discover that there are even more colors like light-blue, green-blue, orange, etc. So again you enrich your pictures and you discover all kinds of harmonies and different effects. Much later you find instructions about the use of even more colors in different tones and you apply them all in your work. You are quite satisfied with all you have accomplished. But one day you get to know that there are not a limited number of colors but countless tones in a diversity of colors which makes it possible to draw pictures perfectly corresponding to reality. Now you are really amazed.

This example illustrates what the spiritual student experiences during his training. As a normal human being our energies (colors) are more or less muddy, mixed up, not really vital, not really radiant. When the training starts, we work with vital energy, then with the four elements, later with the fluids, with Akasha, with light, etc. This is like working with pure, radiant colors. And we might think that all is accomplished already. But much later we understand that there are more colors, more energies in a diversity of fine tones, differences in quality, power and effects. All what exists has its specific energy, quality.

When we work with the five elements and the fluids, etc. then we work with the main energies and these energies have great transforming, balancing, strengthening effects on the microcosm.

But the microcosm represents the whole macrocosm in all its powers, qualities, etc. So in fact we can do “fine tuning” on our energy system to activate, develop and unfold specific abilities, powers, qualities and effects.

This fine tuning can be accomplished in a fascinating way with the help of the spirits of the spheres as they represent very specific energies, characteristics of the personality, skills and influences.

In fact, it is comparable with a fine tuning for receiving special TV or Radio channels. It is not about the “raw” setting but about the fine frequencies, the details, the very specific energy center, channels and regions of the energy body.

Let´s take one example. Imagine you work on your personal setting of fortune. This quality is connected to the water element, to green color, to the Venus sphere, to the cosmic letter G. But there are also gods and goddesses in the spheres, spirits, who have the quality and power of fortune in a perfect set up. When you work with such spirits, then you can sense where their energies are working in your energy system to optimize it, to vitalize and unfold the corresponding areas, centers and channels, so that you get “fine-tuned” for fortune in your life.

When we examine the names of such spirits then we can see that they consist of a formula of cosmic letters which represent this specific energy of fortune. This is fascinating again.

In fact the whole creation is made in a super fascinating way which is especially amazing for those who have a deeper understanding about how “God is working”.

In the initiation process over all three books of Bardon, the student will do a lot of fine tuning, – certainly starting with the basics to focus later on the details.

Healing has a lot of to do with fine tuning. Refinement is pure fine tuning.

Fine tuning is real art.

Become an artist!