Meditation for awakening fortune

Fortune is something which everyone can use very well in life. The “simple version” of fortune is green cool water element energy, connected to the Venus sphere and the belly, especially the navel chakra. “Complex versions” are connected to more and different kinds of energy but here we do not work in this way.

Fortune means to attract happy situations which help you in success and which give you satisfaction or happiness. Further on it is important to understand that fortune is always connected to the principle of abundance and with this also to wealth and to a good financial situation, etc. So we always deal with the full bundle as all these aspects are connected.

It makes sense to meditate deeply about all these wonderful qualities together with the meaning of the green water element energy and the Venus sphere.

Then in a second step you can make a special breathing exercise like you know it from breathing the element energies. So you set yourself in the center of a space filled with green cool water element energy. Meditate again about the specific qualities of fortune, attracting good situations, blessings, abundance on all three planes, wealth, etc. In this way you impregnate these ideas in the energy. Now you can make breathing exercises, especially with your belly region and even more specifically with your navel chakra. Follow here the idea and intention to activate the fortune energy in your body, soul and spirit. In this way you vitalize, strengthen and refine fortune in your microcosm and your fortune energy structure will be unfolded. Your navel chakra will improve its fortune energies and structure as well. The aim is to refine and to integrate fortune perfectly in your nature, so that you always have enough of this energy for all situations in life. “I activate, strengthen, refine and unfold fortune, abundance, happiness and wealth on all planes in my microcosm!”

Repeat this exercise several times until you feel that fortune is now integrated in your body, mind and soul, so that you attract fortune and abundance in all situations and at all times.

After the meditations, you should dissolve the extra energies back into the universe respectively you can use them to charge a talisman or external battery like a nice rock crystal or copper ball, etc.