Fallen from Heaven

Heaven is a nice place, maybe comparable with a long-term stay in a premium wellness resort. Certainly you feel perfectly well and everything is fine. You can also develop easily nice ideas how to serve mankind or how you want to improve the situation of life in the material world, etc. Wonderful ideas are in the air together with noble feelings and great ideals. In this mood you decide to incarnate to support the spiritual evolution and so you do. Once you have incarnated, the situation looks different. You have fallen from heaven you know it. The people around you pretend that you are on earth but it feels more like being doomed in hell. The wellness resort atmosphere is gone and you are surrounded by dualistic souls, by selfish people, by people who do not care about your ideals, your great visions and certainly not at all about your personal freedom. Then you wonder where you have been stranded. And the nightmare continues.

Probably you get hurt, more than once and deeply. Probably you get angry and sad and frustrated and more. And probably you start thinking what is wrong with the world. And then you reach a point where you withdraw yourself from society or where you become evil and destructive or where you work hard to save yourself and maybe others. It takes a lot of effort to find healing, lot of effort to really understand what is going on here and even more effort to stay strong on a spiritual path. Life on earth seems to be not for fun but it reminds you more on the highest level of difficulty as you know it from video games or from physical training. Certainly heaven does not offer any level of difficulty.

This fall from heaven is the cause for many problems and also for all kinds of ideas or concepts of our world.

The Catholic Church created the idea that mankind must suffer in the material world because of the original sin. This is certainly a nice idea. Everyone has to accept suffering and bad life conditions because Adam and Eve didn´t followed God´s command. This includes certainly the idea that everyone has to work hard without joy plus constant bad conscience. For the elite it is the perfect state of the working slave. The invention of an additional hell has even topped this idea.

Then we have different gnostic concepts about our world. When you come from heaven it does not take much to perceive this world as evil or as made by a false god and so on. The problem here is that certainly this world is dualistic and not 100% bad. This problem has caused further problems for many or most gnostic followers.

The pagans simply have accepted the game of good and bad which certainly helps to survive the material world without mental disorders.

Then we have certain native people who feel themselves in a positive way as a part of nature. Everything what they do is done in a spiritual way as a matter of their natural wisdom and understanding of the principles of nature beyond the veils of Maya. This is a very healthy attitude.

Then we have those who could be called “mystics” who know the higher worlds, heaven, and therefore have no interest in the lower realms. So they escape somehow the material world and prefer to stay with their mind on the higher planes. This might be nice but escaping is not a real solution.

And maybe at last we have the “real initiates” who know all laws of creation, the higher sense about everything, about the spiritual evolution of the soul, etc. Here we can say that they perceive reality as reality without any filters of perception, without any ideologies, without any human concepts but in a well-centered state of mastery. When you know yourself, God and creation, when you are a master of your life and in the world, then you know your path and everything makes sense. There is no need to escape, no need for fears but there is light, there is confidence, there is love and you know that you are not left alone in a hellish world. You see beyond the veils of Maya. And then it is no problem to visit the different planes of creation, independent if it is heaven or hell or something else. You are prepared. And this should be the aim for every spiritual seeker and not to follow this concept or that concept.