Assassin´s Creed and mental traveling

Yesterday I saw Assassin´s creed at the cinema. And today I want to share some thoughts about it. The story about Assassins and Templars and the apple of Eve is certainly nonsense. Fascinating was the so-called regression, the traveling through time and space, identifying with a former personality and the reawakening of old experiences. In fact, we know such things from past-life-therapy, from hypnosis, from meditation, from mental traveling, etc.

And indeed it is a pattern which you can follow. In the movie there is a special room where this regression is realized. This is similar to our training room. A specific place for training supports your work and offers better results than in any other, trivial place. In the second step, you need a clear aim or destination – specific time and location respectively situation. Then you can induce the necessary state of trance or meditation. By your set intention, you travel with your mind through time and space and there you experience yourself in your former personality, in your specific situation with all the corresponding thoughts and feelings. Later, when you have made enough experiences, you go back to your present personality and situation.

The movie has illustrated these ideas very well, also the fact that your memory is activated and remember certain things of this former incarnation. You have access again to the knowledge and the experiences of this time. This is very fascinating. It has effects on your present personality.

I think that the movie can be inspiring in this regard.