A simple meditation for the salvation of your ego

In fact the ego is a quite complex topic in theory and in practice, so that it would take some hours to explain everything and some hours more to show a practical way.

What is the simplest way to work on this “problem”?

Let us assume that you are in a spiritual training where you work on your enlightenment and on the development of divine love. When you do such meditations then you add the following meditation:

You are already in a meditative state and you are full of spiritual energies and full of a high form of love. Now you use these energies to work on your ego. Focus your attention on your ego, independent from what you think what it is or where it is. And now let your spiritual energies, your love and enlightenment flow to your ego. Let your ego be flooded with love and enlightenment. And while you ego is taking an inner and outer bath in these spiritual energies, you imagine that these energies unfold a great clearing, healing and refining power on your ego. Keep this idea, this imagination for several minutes. Do this daily until you feel that your ego is completely healed, refined and integrated.

This is a very simple exercise but at the same time very good. And you can expect several surprises about your ego.

Have fun! Ray