Wishes and visions

We humans have a lot of wishes. But normally, we do not ask if our wishes are beneficial for us. Sometimes it is just a desire which needs to be satisfied and here we need instant satisfaction while the effects do not interest. “If I do not get this immediately, the whole world will end!” But there are also other wishes, following ideas about what we need to be happy. “If I get these new shoes, I will be happy!” or “If I have a girlfriend with long blonde hair and blue eyes, I will be happy!” These are all sentences with a condition. Why not being happy in first place, independent from buying or getting something?

This is one point. The other point is that we normally project something, instead of getting a clear vision or insight about what would really be good for us.

For example, let´s imagine that you are a young man and that you have been conditioned with a specific type of women in advertisement, on covers, etc. It is the typical “model”. Due to your conditioning over years, you believe that the woman you will marry one day, looks exactly like one of these models, – very tall, thin, stylish hair and makeup, flirting, blonde long hair, blue or green eyes. Now, you started with hermetic studies and you consciously wish for such a woman to appear in your life. As you use good techniques, you meet such a woman and you are completely disappointed that you both do not fit at all together.

Now, let us imagine that he is a smart student and learns that it should not be a matter of the ego and its limited ideas, but that it is a matter of higher sense and plans which were made before his incarnation. So, the key is to try to get information about his wish for marriage.

The student gets into his meditation state, prays and opens himself to divine guidance and intuition. And then he receives images, sensations and ideas offered by the spiritual realms. He understands now, that the right woman will be a soul which he knows already, that she will have a very specific charisma which is attractive and nourishing for him, that their sense for humor will be a great basic for their happy relationship, that they will have two children, and so on. His future wife won´t look at all like these models. She will be smaller and funny, and he understands that it is exactly this what is attractive to him.

After this meditation, he feels ready to meet her. Now, he knows for whom he is looking for.

This was a short example. It is the general rule to ask for hints and insights to get a vision of for what you are meant to, and not for your limited ego thinks is good. Try to perceive the divine plans which have been made for your life on earth. Let yourself be guided for their realization. Follow the higher sense. And, – become ready!

“Becoming ready” is another important point. For everything, for every event in life, the time and situation must fit. And we must prepare ourselves for these events, dissolving blockades, making progress, growing in personality, really wanting things to happen, and only then, they will come in a way which is good.

This means also that you should question yourself if there is anything which needs to be dissolved, healed, prepared to enable your wish to realize.

In conclusion, realizing wishes is not what people tell in the internet – ego satisfaction – but it is to ask for divine guidance for the right things to happen.

And if you feel that something takes a little bit too long, then you can ask the spiritual realms about the obstacles, blockade, problem and about the fitting solution.