Three books of Bardon – three main steps to spiritual perfection

His first book deals with the ten steps to human perfection and the ability to unite with God in his four main virtues – omnipotence, omniscience, divine wisdom, all-embracing love and divine consciousness. His second book deals with the traveling of the spheres, the meeting with the spiritual hierarchy and the initiation in all mysteries and the whole knowledge of God and creation. In his third book he unveils the cosmic language, the letters of creation and with this the divine virtues in all aspects for highest refinement and macrocosmic perfection. God, the unfathomable highest being has used the cosmic language to manifest creation. The master who is initiated in this holy science is empowered to create like God does. He has become a macrocosmic spirit.

In fact there are no higher teachings available. Franz Bardon presents the highest spiritual standard which is universally valid for all human beings. Besides these comprehensive teachings there exist a diversity of mysteries and ways of initiation which can be accessed by a true master and which are reflected and taught in parts in the known spiritual traditions and inner teachings of the religions. Well known is for example the Taoistic Alchemy which was unveiled by the master Mantak Chia.