The Wisdom of the Mystics – The spiritual Heart of Humanity

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

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We are living in a time when we as humanity are growing closer and closer together, understanding that there is only one common future for all of us. For far too long, different peoples have been fighting each other. Now the time has come to perceive each other as brothers and sisters and to work together for a future worth living for all.

The perception of the hidden unity behind diversity has always been the core theme of spirituality. Thus, there have always been mystics everywhere who realized the divine nature within themselves and developed divine love, compassion and wisdom in their hearts.

Divine love is all-encompassing and unifies everything, even opposites. Love for all was and is the message of spirituality, which is the core of every religion. Love is also the strongest remedy, which heals all wounds, gives vitality and joy of life. This world needs healing. We human beings need healing. In love, the divine order can then unfold on earth, which we can call the golden age.

For this book I was able to win 24 authors from different religions, traditions and schools, who give insights into the noble truths, virtues and ideals of their teachings. The variety and diversity of the contributions paints a holistic picture and inspires one to expand one’s own perception. This makes it easy to see the unity behind the diversity. As Ramakrishna once said, all religions draw from the same source.


Die Weisheit der Mystiker – Das spirituelle Herz der Menschheit


La sagesse des mystiques – Le cœur spirituel de l’humanité


La saggezza dei mistici – Il cuore spirituale dell’umanità


De wijsheid van de mystici – Het spirituele hart van de mensheid


A sabedoria dos místicos – O Coração Espiritual da Humanidade


Mystikernas visdom – Mänsklighetens andliga hjärta


La sabiduría de los místicos – El corazón espiritual de la humanidad