The Problem with Ideas

In life we have permanently ideas about ourselves, about the situa-tion in life and business. We have ideas about our spiritual progress and so on. These ideas often consist of something useful, something we wish for and indeed something different than the present reality. For example you are a couch potato and you think how nice it is to be fit, to go to a gym, to be attractive, etc. Or you are often quite selfish and then you think how wonderful it must be to be more selfless. Or you think that more spiritual practice would be great for you but indeed you are busier with having fun with friends.
When you decide yourself to follow an ascetic path then not only your ideas are extreme but also the difference to your present reali-ty is extreme. For example when you make a vow to neglect your sexual needs, the material world itself, when you decide to live as a monk, then this is really extreme. You are torn between your ideas and reality.
Indeed we all have so many good ideas but maybe only 1-10% be-come reality. And the extreme ideas are even harder to realize.
So where is the problem? You have (in best case) a good idea but you cannot realize it?!? Why?
Ideas are always nice but they need the analogue power to realize. Most people are not aware of this fact and so they try to realize their ideas without the conscious supply of the necessary amount of power.
Imagine you have the idea to drive with your car to a nice beach. Great idea but as long as you have no fuel in the tank, your car can´t go. Quite simple.
We often call the necessary energy “motivation”. But motivation is just one “outer” aspect and “special energies” are needed addition-ally.
Indeed you need special energies to dissolve your blockades or to break your chains which hold you back. And then you need positive energies – fuel – to realize your idea.
On the other hand, people who have accomplished special abilities or ideas simply also have the necessary energy to provide them or to sustain them. For example a high spiritual master has the energies to live like an ascetic. These energies are not given to a normal person. And so a normal person cannot live like an ascetic.
In conclusion it is absolutely necessary to pay respect to the aspect of power when you want to realize an idea. Bardon described this principle with the polarity of quality (idea) and quantity (power / energy). A specific quality can only be realized with the analogue power.
In the spiritual training we pay respect to both – quality and power. And only in this way we can make real progress.