The perverted sense of life

Everything in life has some kind of sense. Often it is a simple sense but with an important meaning, – a basic meaning for life, for health, for harmony, etc. When you live accordingly to the laws of nature then you follow automatically the right sense, the sense of life in all its aspects. In many aspects of life the original, positive sense has been perverted today with bad consequences. Indeed it is high time to remember the primary sense and to reinstall it.

Let´s take an example so that you understand me better. One basic topic in life is food, nourishment. What is the original sense of food? Right, – to sustain a good level of vitality, of health, to nourish the body with all necessary vital, essential nutrients. Quite simple but very important and easy to comprehend.

Over thousands of years people have been eating for these reasons and they treated their food in a corresponding way, – for health and vitality. And everything has been fine and lawful.

Today it is different. When you take a look at the treatment of food, the industrial processes where food becomes a “product” then you can examine the perversion of the original sense. So what is the sense of food today?

Food today has to look good, has to taste good, has to be cheap in production, has to show the qualities of mass production, has to be stable over a long time, etc. These are superficial qualities. The core sense is not important. The core sense is now to gain a maximum of money with a product called food. And everything which serves the new core sense is realized – like using poison to increase stability, artificial taste additions, low quality “dead” ingredients, really bad breeding conditions, etc. Additionally special ingredients are used to create a kind of dependency for certain products. Food today is more artificial and dead then natural and vital. But it is good for making much profit – the new sense. Side effects of this new sense are diseases, mental disorders, a bad physical conditions and later problems in society and so on.

In fact everyone today tries to sell something which only looks good in a superficial way, as a kind of exaggerated artificial image of the original positive and natural thing. Why should one eat a normal apple which looks normal and tastes normal when you can also eat a super good looking and super tasty artificial apple which is stable over more than a year? The artificial apple is so seductive but contains only waste while the natural apple is quite normal but healthy. How many people depend today on all kinds of artificial unhealthy sweets, sweet drinks and bad foods? Countless!

But food is just one example. You can look everywhere and you can see the perversion of the original positive sense into the new “money-making sense”. Why do companies produce medicine? To make money, not to heal. Why are patients treated in hospitals? Not for healing but to make money. Why do politicians want to rule a country? Not for serving the people but to make money. The list is endless. In fact if something positive happens then it is not more than a side effect where you can feel very happy to experience such luck. And guess why mankind has to face so many problems today? Just because money is the new sense of life. Making money at all costs: Lowest quality + lowest effort + lowest costs + high price = maximum profit. This is the law of economics today. This is what has been taught at the universities worldwide.

Now imagine mankind decides itself for the positive, natural and original sense in all aspects of life and business. For example food is treated in a way that it supports health and vitality, the doctor works for your health, the hospital serves your healing, the politicians work for the people, business works also only for the needs of people, everyone shows compassion, respect and understanding, etc. The consequences would be good health, vitality, harmony, peace, understanding and cooperation worldwide, sharing of knowledge and insights for mutual growth, finding good solutions for all challenges and problems, etc. Additionally people would have to work less and have more time for family activities and also for personal, spiritual development. Money wouldn´t play an important role. The perverted sense of money would be reduced to its natural sense as a medium of exchange. Indeed a nice idea.

In conclusion – the world suffers from wrong intentions “I want to make as much money as possible in the shortest time and at all costs (not mine but on the costs of the others)!” This selfish and very short-sighted attitude brings suffering for nearly everyone automatically as everyone is cheating everyone. Only a very few are more or less the winners of this system of exploitation.

When we are able to change the intention of people and their activities, when we are able to follow again the original sense in life, then we will experience heaven on earth.

PS: A last small point: Did you know that politicians in former times worked for the benefit of their country and the people just because it was a great honor to do so, – without any payment? And did you know that those who became rich felt honored by God and spent much money for the poor in society? In former times people looked for honor and were paid with honor, with reputation and higher responsibilities – in fact these were better times. It was always a great honor to be a servant of society.