The Path of the Mystic: New Platform & Online-Courses!

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

You might have already noticed that I am working on a new platform to promote the Path of the Mystic, corresponding to the book I have published.

The aim is to provide high quality spiritual teachings and exercises which allow everyone progress on the spiritual path. The teachings are processed in a way that they are easy to understand. The exercises are described in detail and offered as guided meditations, so that you can easily do the practice.

Meanwhile I have prepared 3 vital energy courses which cover all the teachings of Franz Bardon and more about vital energy work. A fourth course deals with colored vital energy, and a fifth course teaches you how to stay in great health and youthfulness throughout your life. These are five courses in total, available in English and in German language. Further languages are planned.

The next topics for courses are the work with the chakra system, working with sounds to activate the energy body and mystical meditations to work on higher states of enlightenment and unity. Special education for spiritual healers is also in preparation.

Now, the development of the courses takes a lot of time and effort. The website with space for videos and community chats takes additionally a lot of work. I also need experts to help with these things. It’s really a big project that I’m preparing in addition to my regular work.

I do this because I believe that I will be able to serve you and all the serious seekers out there in the spiritual development and with this to support the positive development of people and society worldwide. The golden age is waiting, and we are here to prepare it.

Indeed, the whole project is a Herculean task as I have not a big team behind me and there is no funding for it. I pay by myself with extra hours, hard work and money to realize it stepwise.

In fact, this approach is devoted but not efficient as everything takes too much time and sacrifices. The website with online courses was meant to be finished already half a year ago and if nothing changes, it will have at least a whole year of delay or even more.

For this reason, I am looking for sponsors and donations to push the progress while maintaining a high-quality standard. All sponsors and donors will be honored on the website.

It will be also possible to share links and maybe doing in some way advertisement if it fits.

Now, if you feel that it is a great idea to support our big spiritual project for the benefit of people worldwide, then please contact me.

Please also inform others who might be interested to contribute or to cooperate in some way.

A community is always more powerful than a single man. Together we can achieve true greatness in the service of God, mankind and creation!

Please contact me at raydelsole(at)live(dot)de.

Thank you!

In love, light and service,

Ray del Sole