The longing for the end of the world

Simplified said, – half of the world is waiting of its end, for the apocalypse. The problem is that people are waiting for too long already.

Imagine that you are waiting for your favorite celebrity from Hollywood. A famous anchor from the world greatest TV station has spread the news and now you are super excited to see your adored celebrity. You are waiting already for hours at the café where the celebrity is supposed to appear. You are watching the door, looking for signs and you double check every person which comes in. “Is it he?” Your heart jumps and you nearly start screaming but no, he is not. Just a normal person. And so it goes on and every time you think that you have discovered a sign of your adored celebrity, you get symptoms of excitement, of panic, of fever, – you are out of control! You are waiting since hours and he is not in sight. Where is he? What has happened? You are in despair. You are in horror. Was the anchor on TV just kidding? Is everything you have believed in and hoped for just a lie? You have been waiting the whole day and he didn´t come. You are frustrated, sad, disillusioned. You are in pain. But you keep waiting. Day by day. You are sure that one day he must enter your café. He must! It must be true!

And this is happening for the followers of the youngest religions, – nothing! The desired end of the world does not come. And no one knows “what´s the problem???”.

The “funny” thing is that, according to the religious teachings, first the world must end, certainly in a very bloody way, so that then a kind of paradise can be realized on earth. However, the reasons might look like for such ideas, the problem is that it never happened so far. For thousands of years people are still waiting. And the ultra-size problem is that people have been conditioned to believe in the prophesied end of the world, so that they are still expecting the great disaster, the doom. And because of this, they are permanently looking for fresh signs for the coming end. For example, in the latest history people saw the signs with the proclaimed death of the forests, then the proclaimed death of animals in nature, then the death through nuclear power plants, then the death by nuclear weapons – mass destruction and total annihilation, then the death by pandemics, the death by a new ice age and at the moment the death and end time horror of global warming. I forgot the mass killing by alien invaders and the killer meteorite impact. Certainly, this cannot be the end of signs for the last days on earth. Let´s be curious what comes next.

It is a mental disorder to wait for the end of all life. It is much healthier to work on improving the conditions of life on earth. But due to this bad conditioning of too big masses of people worldwide, everyone works hard on supporting destruction and exploitation to help realizing the end of the days, so that finally happy times of paradise on earth can come.

It is completely insane. First, we need to work hard to destroy everything and then paradise will come. It is a subconscious, religious attitude which controls the behavior of people.

And this attitude causes countless suffering, producing countless fears, depressions and destroyed lives of people who cannot deal with all this negativity. On the other hand, these things are used consciously for manipulating people, exploiting people and increasing taxes. It is all business. By the way, the point of culmination are those religious followers who consciously do evil and destruction with the idea to be able to force the coming of the end of the days.

In conclusion, it is high time to heal this negative conditioning, this negative belief, and to work on a positive, vital attitude for the prosperity of mankind and creation.

When we want to understand our problems today, then we must examine our roots. And if we want positive changes, then we must delete the evil and cause healing.