Spirit and Purity

There is a saying “For the pure everything is pure!” I want to explain this saying which we find in Bardon´s teachings. When we examine the different levels of creation then we find only one plane of existence where everything is pure. It is the level of spirit. This level is detached from the lower planes. The spirit always stays clean like a lotus flower in the dirty, muddy water. On this level there are only ideas, thoughts, principles, laws of creation, etc. in contrast to the realms of emotions, of ego, of selfishness, of desires and passions which belong to the lower astral and the material world.

When we undergo now a spiritual training and development, then we spiritualize ourselves, especially the soul gets refined. We become “spirits” in bodies. Then we are pure and then we understand the world with all the good and bad as a matter of higher laws. Then we understand everything from the perspective of purity.

Then we follow the saying of Jesus “I live in this world but I am not from this world!” Jesus is spirit from spirit and detached from the lower astral and material realms.

The same thing we can find in the Indian teachings of the Atman, the Spirit, our true nature, which lives detached from creation.

When we have developed this purity of the spirit, then we see life and all its conditions from a higher, more useful point of view.