Imagine you have a very big task to accomplish…

how would you do it? Alone? Maybe. And if their would be help available? Still alone? Or would you ask for support?

Imagine the following situation:

You are at the beginning of a long street which is full of people. It is something like a big long market, a bazaar. You have a big waggon and you want to move it from here to the other end. You know that the waggon is really heavy and that it takes a lot of power to move it. You try hard to get it moved a little bit. You try harder and harder and the waggon moves some centimeters. You understand that you must use all your powers to give the waggon a first impulse for moving and that you need later less energy to keep it. But it is still hard and every small bump makes it harder. You feel like giving up permanently. You need breaks to recover and your progress is minimal.

The people all around you are watching what you are doing. On the one hand they are fascinated about your strong will to get the waggon moved and on the other hand they don´t understand you why you are not asking for help. They ask themselves if you ever make it to the end of the bazaar and when this may happen.

You are so busy with moving the waggon that you do not see the people around you and so you do not have the idea to ask for help.

A strange situation.

And now think about your spiritual training, your development. In best case you are really focused on your training and you put a lot of effort into it. But probably it is still very hard and there are a lot of “bumps” on the way which make progress even harder. You think that there is no one who could help you. You think that you are alone.

But this is an illusion. No one is alone although it may seem so. The spiritual world is full of kind beings who love to support you, who witness your progress, your thoughts and feelings, all your effort. But as long as you do not ask them for support and inspiration, they will stay looking at you and wondering when you will probably reach your destination.

For this reason I have said and wrote that it is very smart to call on the spiritual support of the higher realms right at the beginning of the training. You just should tell everyone where you want to go and that you want all available support.

Certainly this is not a call of a service hotline. It is a holy oath, a vow, a proclamation that you want to reach the destiny of human evolution, that you undergo all necessary trainings, all lessons and all tests. When you call on God, on the spiritual hierarchy, on the spiritual masters, spiritual brothers and sisters and do this proclamation then the universe supports you to make your way! This includes certainly the balancing of old bad karma, tests by the dark side and much training. You are like a volunteer who calls for the biggest amount of work. It is indeed a little bit crazy and it is extreme but it works. You are like a warrior who faces his biggest adventure in life, not knowing what to expect. But you are ready! You are ready to give all you have to make it!

In fact you still have to move the waggon and there are still bumps but you receive the needed help to make it. And this is the important point!

So think about if you want support by the higher realms. It is a free decision.



PS: I asked two times for support in this way. First as a young child where I proclaimed that I want gain wisdom at all costs. And then later that I am ready to undergo all trainings and lessons to gain real mastership. Indeed my whole life has been a rocky path with a lot of obstacles and problems. Meanwhile I have a master degree in making sacrifices and in ascetism. On the other hand I was able to make a progress which I never have dreamt of. And still I have to learn and to train a lot. After all the pain I have been going through I am deeply grateful for the grace I am experiencing on my way. Every little step of progress is a great honor as it depends on God if God thinks you´re worth it.