How to form an opinion

We all have opinions. This is nice and okay. The question is how these opinions are formed. The majority of people, nearly 100%, form their opinions in a subconscious and superficial way. And so it is no wonder that opinions are very individual and one-dimensional, often based on personal preconceptions, attitude, wishful thinking, etc. Saying this, it is obvious that opinions have no much value, can easily be changed from one moment to another one, and that opinions can cause a lot of trouble, problems and suffering.

Now, the healthy opposite is the forming of opinions in a conscious way with (scientific) research. Only in this way, you get a balanced opinion, a comprehensive understanding of a matter.

Here it is absolutely necessary to examine all sides, all aspects with a neutral, objective attitude. And this means to go beyond the own ego, to go beyond personal preferences and aversions. Only then you can get a real understanding.

For example, if you want to get a clear understanding of a political problem, it is not sufficient to listen and to follow your favorite party. You must examine what all parties say and then you must question why they have their points of view, the intention behind the attitude and also which consequences are connected to their views. Further on, it makes sense to analyze what independent scientists, experts, etc. say, again why and with which consequences.

In fact, the world is like a super-size puzzle and it is simply not enough to take a few, favorite pieces and put them together. Only, when you take ALL pieces of the puzzle and put them together, you will receive the complete picture, the complete understanding. And only then you go beyond your ego and you open yourself for the universal truth, the universal understanding.

All those who are on the spiritual path to enlightenment and mastery must go beyond the ego and must look for the universal truth beyond normal human opinions.

At the end of this article I want to share some thoughts about “opinion mass production” with social media, TV and newspapers. When I think about Facebook, – pictures with a headline are combined, maybe also some text, and everyone has directly an opinion about the present topic and message. We “know” directly what is good, what is bad, who is stupid, who is great, and this without any need to spend more time on the topic than 5 seconds, without any own investigation, without any questioning of the displayed message, without investing in own thoughts. This is amazing, nearly the crown of psychological mass manipulation. And we all are fine with it, celebrate it.

Where will this end? Maybe one day we get the messages with the preferable opinion directly into the brain, including a dose of happy maker substances for maximum effects and perfect conditioning.