Calling the old Cathars and Templars

You are a good soul, a spiritual soul, with special characteristics. As an old Templar, you have the nature of a noble knight, ready to fight for justice, ready to protect those in need, ready to fight evil and darkness wherever it appears. You are brave and strong, disciplined and dedicated. As an old Cathar you might focus on purity and the heavenly realms while you neglect all the materialism in this world, the betray, the lower desires which fetter the souls and draw them deeper into the abyss of matter.

You, the Templars and the Cathars are not rare, not single souls, reincarnated in these times. There are many, hundreds, thousands, incarnated in Europe and in America.

Although you feel your spiritual character, you might be bound by worldly duties, by work, family, and by all the trivial problems we face today. And probably you are not aware of your roots. You feel only this longing, – this longing for your spiritual family, for your brothers and sisters in the light. Where are they? Where are you? Are you left alone in this hostile world? Not understood? Not supported? Not nourished? Busy with esoteric studies which are not fulfilling your needs?

The Divine Spirit is calling you!

It is high time that you remember who you really are.

And it is high time to come back to your family.

The dark age of atheism and materialism is coming to its end while the golden age shows the first rays of its dawn.

We are all here, all incarnated to witness this change and to prepare the dawn of the golden age. We just need to reconvene, to nourish each other, to be powerful, spreading the Eternal Light among the people, bringing enlightenment, inspiration, hope and help.

It is our time!

The servants of the Eternal Light are called!

Our missions are waiting!

Spiritual-social projects, education, integrating true values in society, giving life a higher meaning, bringing healing to those who suffer and offering empowerment in love, light and wisdom!

Each of us can and should be a beacon, a guiding light and example for the people!

So hear the call from the heavenly realms!

I am just the messenger.

As a first step become aware of your roots, about who you really are and what your goal in life is. Then connect with your brothers and sisters, with like-minded souls and build a network. Become aware that life is based on change, progress and growth. This means that we all grow beyond the limits which were set in former incarnations to become more and more complete and universal in nature. So be open to learn, to grow, to develop yourself on your individual path towards divine perfection. Join the true lineages and traditions which bear the light, passing it on from one generation to the next. And most important, – reconnect to the Light, to the Spirit by visiting the sacred places of your tradition and brother-traditions. These can be cathedrals, chapels, caves and castles. When you visit them, then pray and call to your tradition, to the brothers and sisters in the spiritual realms to enlighten you, to empower you, to guide you, to heal you, to show you your way and mission. Meditate in these places. Look for the “hot spot” where the high priest was standing in a powerful, vertical stream of spiritual energies and stand there by yourself. Open yourself for the powerful streams of the Spirit. Release all your darkness, your pains and blockades, and let yourself be vitalized. Let your consciousness be expanded. Remember who you are.

If possible, visit such places regularly to recharge yourself and to get inspiration from the spiritual realms.

Also understand that each tradition had its own focus and mission, so that it makes good sense to get in touch with other traditions and their sacred places to complete yourself, to make new experiences. For example, if you enter a Templar church, you will get in touch with the virtues of a spiritual knight while, if you enter the realm of the Cathars, of Montsegur, you will get in touch with the world of Light, two different focusses, complementing each other perfectly for the needs of these days.

If it is hard for you to get to a sacred place, then basically you can pray and call on your brothers and sisters in the spiritual realms directly. You can ask them for their support, for installing a holy temple atmosphere in your room, respectively in your meditation place, so that you can connect and recharge yourself daily in the Divine Light, the Spirit energy. Remember that temples and churches are consecrated in the same way – by calling on the Divine, on the brothers and sisters in the higher realms. Indeed, you create your own sacred space in this way with the help of the Divine.

I want to emphasize this again, – it is most important to work with the Divine Light, with the Divine Spirit to strengthen the Divine in yourself, to feel vitalized, recharged, powerful, to flourish, to feel inspired, to be able to distinguish good from evil and in the end to fulfill your personal mission on earth. Studying books and doing a great variety of exercises are secondary. Focusing only on the union with the Spirit, with the Light will push your development much stronger than any intellectual studies or exercises could do. Certainly, it makes sense to study and to do exercises, but the essential core is the meditation and union with the high spiritual powers in the sacred place. Only the Divine Spirit is able to nourish the soul, to supply the energies for the unfolding of the Divine in us.

Now, if you do not have the feeling to belong neither to the Templars nor to the Cathars then it is nevertheless the right time to get active and to follow the call of the higher realms. All spiritual souls are called to wake up from daydreaming in the material world to become active beacons, true ambassadors of the Divine Light and Spirit, preparing the dawn of the golden age together.

We all are called!

Spread the news, share the message, network, become empowered in Spirit and Light, and become a messenger of Divine Love, Wisdom and Power!