About will power

Bardon puts a focus on the development of will power. We can say that many skills are simply attained by a highly developed will power and the repeated application of it in the training. So, the focus does not lie in specific or complex techniques but just on the simple principle “It is my will that this happens!”.

This approach is very simple. It is powerful. And it reflects the will of the Creator, the fire element which is in control of all elements.

Now, the point is that for the master himself everything happens due to the expression of his divine, powerful will, – simply because he is a refined, divine master.

For the student it is different. The normal and traditional way is that the student undergoes his training and receives abishekas, empowerment and initiation by his master. So, the power does not directly lies in the student but comes from sources like mantras, initiations, deities, etc.

Today, the student is asked to achieve everything by his own effort, his own power which is quite demanding respectively requires already a higher degree of maturity.

Besides these considerations, if the student develops a superhuman will power then this has consequences. It is comparable to a bodybuilder among normal people. People will notice your power and they will notice that you are present in your Ajna chakra. You are like a general, like boss, like a leader. And it might be a challenge to stay balanced with the other elements, to appear human to others. Or in other words, – your training and focus has effects on your personality and behavior, also on your needs and interests.

These things do not need to become problems, but it is important to understand them and to keep control over your transformation, your refinement. It takes a high degree of self-awareness and there is a need for conscious interaction with other people.

In conclusion, balance is the law which we need to keep in focus.