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First Skype Meeting

Basis: You have to send me a description of your problems before the meeting. (Contact Form)
Case history (anamnesis) including discussion of causes, effects and dependencies with other factors (system), discussion of possible solutions, clarification of the further procedure. The aim here is to get a comprehensive picture of the problem situation and at the same time to find individual solutions.
Timeframe: Up to 1.5 hours
Investment: 180 Euro *
* Reduction or installment payment on request possible


3 individual appointments for the dissolution of mental and emotional blockages, for revitalization, strengthening and healing in each case with preparation and follow-up. 3 sessions are the minimum for treatment success. Afterwards, it can be decided whether the aim is achieved or if further sessions are needed.
Time frames: 1 hour each; Total 3 hours
Investment: 360 Euro *
* Reduction or installment payment on request possible

Single further Session

On request or need for further revitalization, strengthening and stabilizing mind and soul including preparation and follow-up.
Time frame: 1 hour
Investment: 180 Euro *
* Reduction or installment payment on request possible

Special Sessions

If you are looking for special aims and sessions, please contact me directly for your request.

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Spiritual Healing - Healing with Divine Spirit

Healing means Self-Healing

The human being is a self-regulating system. This means that the inner intelligence, the subconscious, is controlling and regulating all functions of body, mind, and soul. Healing always means self-healing. A doctor, naturopath, shaman, or spiritual healer can only support a person’s self-healing processes. This is achieved by a diversity of treatments and remedies. The supply of energy from spiritual healers plays a major role since the human being is indeed a self-regulating energy system. The self-healing processes start immediately when the necessary energies are supplied. It is like supplying fuel to a motor. Only when the motor gets fuel it can work.

Healing means Balancing

A problem, disorder, or disease is indeed an imbalance. Something is out of order. The natural order is disturbed. Healing means the rebuilding of the natural order of mind, soul, and body. The imbalance must be balanced. Balance means harmony and harmony means health and well-being.

Healing means Cleaning

Disorders are caused by bad energies and blockades in the human energy system. These are negative thoughts, negative emotions, and energies of diseases. Before the natural harmony can be restored, these bad energies have to be dissolved. So cleaning mind, soul, and body is an important aspect of healing.

Signs of Healing

Bad energies are often like old dirt that needs several attempts to be completely dissolved. Step-wise, as you dissolve more and more dirt you respectively dissolve the bad energies. When bad energies are in a dissolved state then they often show up in the mind and soul to “say Good-bye” forever. This means that old bad emotions and pains can show up temporarily as a natural sign of the healing process. Besides these unpleasant but very good signs, positive effects can occur like feeling more vitality, more inner peace, more harmony, more love, and a better form of unity with the Divine.

Side-Effects of the Healing Process

It is possible that you feel the need to sleep more or to take extra naps. It is also possible that you need to drink more water and eat more—maybe to eat more fresh and healthy food. These are all signs that your body is working on your healing—on building new cells and detoxing itself. Here you should follow your needs and support your self-healing processes.

Healing Activities in the Body

The supply of healing energies activates the human energy system, especially the crown chakra, the heart chakra, feet chakras, and often the whole energy body. When you are not used to this form of activation due to spiritual training then this might feel unusual. It is just a good sign that your body has started the self-healing processes. On the other hand, it is possible that you do not feel much because the energies are quite subtle. A special and rare case is that your physical body starts to make movements and maybe sounds are made. This looks strange but it is a sign of healing. So far it was only the case when clients had a training or treatments of shamans before. They know this phenomenon from the shaman tradition. Also when you were a shaman in a former incarnation then this can happen. But often only in the first session. Again - this is a very rare case and just a "strange" sign of the healing process.

The Supply of Healing Energies

In a high mystical meditation I unite in love with God, the Divine Spirit, and transmit his energies on three levels (mind, soul, and body) to my client. I ask in for healing in general but also for the healing of specific problems. This meditation is very powerful but also very demanding. As this meditation is based on the highest love and compassion for those who suffer, the supplied energies are of highest quality, pure spirit, and very powerful. The spirit energies have their own intelligence that knows exactly what has to be done in the body. These energies operate independently of time and space. So I can supply the energy worldwide without any limitations.

The Tradition of Spiritual Healing

There are many different traditions and techniques. All schools have their legitimacy and fulfil their purpose. I am trained in the main healing systems. For my work I have chosen the highest form, which requires a high degree of spiritual development and is most powerful since it works directly with the Divine Spirit, the highest primordial light. The technique is well-known in the high spiritual traditions of the East and the West. For example, the Knights Templar were initiated into this knowledge as they followed the secret teachings of Jesus.

Healing takes Time

Healing can happen quickly, like a miracle. But often healing takes time, especially when the physical body is concerned. The body must clean, vitalize, and restructure itself. This can take hours and days. And it can take several sessions of healing work. This all depends on the individual situation—indeed on many factors.

The right Attitude for Healing

Most people permanently focus on their problems. This attitude only supports and sustains the bad situation. In fact, it is necessary to correct the focus towards solutions and healing. A second important point is to feel grateful and happy for the healing. Gratitude makes you receptive for the healing energies. It is good to make the following statement: “I am grateful for my healing!” Then it is often important to forgive yourself and those who hurt you. Forgiveness means to release a problem and all the bad emotions, etc. which are connected. Forgiveness means to be ready to receive peace and healing. Make a fitting statement here as well.

The Message of the Problem

Every problem and every disease include a lesson to learn—a message for you. Something in your past went wrong or got out of order, and this caused your problems or symptoms. It is up to you to analyze this process, to understand the principle of cause and effects, and to learn how to behave in a better way in the future. Otherwise problems return as long as you haven´t learned your lesson. With my background in psychotherapy, coaching, and spiritual healing I can support you in understanding your situation and in finding solutions.

Important Points to Consider

A spiritual healing session does not replace other treatments. So please consult your doctor if you have health problems. Spiritual healing is different from normal medical care and should be seen as independent from it. It is not useful to compare apples and oranges.

Please understand that symptoms are not the same as causes. Symptoms are in the main obvious, but the reasons for the imbalances are often hidden. Spiritual healing works on both — dissolving and healing of the symptoms as well as on the causes. So it is possible that healing takes place where you haven´t expected it, and that is fine. Real healing is always holistic. And healing can set different priorities than the limited human understanding. So the body has many smaller and bigger construction sites and it depends on the inner logic which sites have to be accomplished first so that others can heal too.

Please understand that it is not possible to give any guarantees or promises for healing. I only guarantee that I work with the highest energies in a professional way, in the name of Divine Love and Compassion for your wellbeing. The healing itself is accomplished by the self-healing processes in your body, your inner intelligence, and the high spiritual energies. My work is only to provide and transmit them.


Here are a few excerpts from the feedback I have received from my clients

Ray del Sole is a powerful healer! In the three healing sessions where I was wide awake, I felt the toxic energy that created a swelling in my left cheek disappear within a few seconds. The healing literary changed my life journey, my attitude, and my general outlook on life almost just as quickly. I've had a numbness/swelling energy block on my left cheek for almost 20 years. I was unable to truly smile most of the time, my mental and spiritual clarity was impaired, I felt like a victim of society, unable to heal my multiple health issues, unable to have intimate relationships, unable to feel like myself, and unable to have a normal life where I felt comfortable letting down my walls. After just three sessions virtually all the toxic energy that was in the energy block on my left cheek was gone which altered my reality for the better almost overnight. I felt like myself again, able to have joy and smile. I became more confident being out with others in public plus my luck and relationships both improved after the healing. Life stopped feeling like a struggle. My spiritual life improved also..since the toxic energy wasn't blocking my clarity or my connection to the Divine. I no longer had feelings of being alone and abandoned like I did before the healing. Life now seems like it is full of possibilities and now I can accomplish my goals and dreams.

Chris, USA

Core-Self Healing: Wanted to give you some more feedback on today. I think I mentioned this morning's meditation seemed significant. I felt asked or inspired to align myself and intentions with deep healing and to integrate this into my microcosm. All day I have experienced positive effects and have been able to accomplish all that I wished to accomplish in a smooth and easy manner (without having to struggle). Positive performance of mind, soul and body. I also felt an increase today in magical authority, or maybe a God connection. I feel very grateful 🙂

Brian, USA

Blessing Session: Yesterday I got beautiful insights on occult anatomy, magical training and charisma. I've also been enlightened about my problems of this period. I feel refreshed, peaceful, and happy situations are supporting a further balancing of myself.
I also feel cleared from some wrong beliefs I had so far. It is wonderful.:)

Emanuele, Italy

It is great. My body was and still is hot the eczema is better than it ever was I had a little pain but not much and my brain had a wave of negativity all morning is that good? After 3 days of sessions from Ray my eczema that I had for years was gone. I realized the importance of the subtle body and so much more. I recommend it to all of you

Robert, Romania

Ray is a very caring, trust worthy professional. After a couple sessions with him my life changed for the better almost overnight. He was very responsive and was quick to guide me with insightful and helpful advice. Ray del Sole is honestly trying to help me overcome many of my issues. He has been attentive, persistent and has provided me with many keys to help transform and heal my life. He also offers precious knowledge that few others can match. I am very thankful to the Divine that I found someone so genuinely caring. In my experience Ray del Sole is a true healer!

Chris, USA

Hi Ray,
This has been such a great experience! Since the core healing in mid-April I have experienced wonderful progress. And then with the blessings I reached further potentials. And then with the start of Sura, I had the feeling/ sense that I (and we students/brothers/etc.) am surrounded, connected, supported and fueled by an abundance of energies and influences that provide all that is needed and helpful to accomplish all aims and wishes on the path. So it is a real blessing for me and all those connected with me.
Thank you for all your support and care. I feel such tremendous gratitude and thankfulness!

Brian, USA

Energy movement on my left lower lip to my entire left cheek. Lasted about four hours. Warmth healing energy around my heart and entire chest region. Lasted about forty to sixty minutes. Dreams/visions I saw myself with heavy loads and some people came shared the load and carried with me. Saw negative energy ready to attack in the form of a viper. It came close leaving its traces onthe dust and I wouldn't see it when it came close by. Saw a relative close to me his energy field completely shattered and left open for attack. Thanks for healing. Pains fatigue from morning till 6pm.6pm till dawn refreshed and regain energy. Dreams/visions to me not so good. I saw my motorbike caught fire and when I tried to extinguish it I failed. I was in a very dirty room with my wife trying to clean it. It was too dirty with filthy things and we were working hard to get it right.

Thanks for healing. The healing you do is very powerful Ray. Everything is a fight. At soul level I have fought a fight of life and death. But I am victorious. I have no idea what it will bring to me in the physical plane but I am grateful for the healing session.

"Ray is a master healer who has helped heal and remove blockages which have set me back for long. I recommend him to anybody suffering from bodily and spiritual ailments.”

John, Cameroon

Hi Ray, I have awesome news: 1) my stomach is happy...........2) last night I meditated on healing, I imagined you and me sitting together in meditation posture. I felt very easy to get into the meditation state 3) my home environment is getting better, we (Mom, me and my sister) fight with Dad since last 2-3 weeks, last we had fought again, Dad asked for FORGIVENESS and I was shocked, after that it seems like nothing happened before. Mom was crying happy tears but my sister is still very confused but I am happy everything was fine now IT'S ALL BECAUSE OF YOU THANK U SO MUCH RAY I love you. It’s all going good. I’m feeling very sleepy all day. But with that I am feeling something is changing, may be not in physical plane. Whenever I wake up from a short nap, I used to feel something has changed, everything is the same but still I don't feel it is really the same. All my flaws are coming to the surface, all my bad memories, pains are coming to the surface. I’m feeling helpless but I know it’s a part of healing process.

Sapnali, India

Yesterday my left leg was 'twitching' which is unusual. In my afternoon meditation I felt a slight buzzing energy in my upper body similar to vital energy practice but I deliberately didn't do any of that yesterday but only gentle contemplative meditations. I slept well without any interruptions. Just to say that on the Tuesday I was gently meditating at the same time and I received a bolt of light in my head which was like an electric shock...very powerful and unexpected. But without the pain of course

Andrew, England

Pain sensation on my neck chakra, I feel my crown and foot chakras very activated. Also my emotions are low. The energy is working on my meridians. Little head and back pains also. It is working on my solar plexus chakra also, pulling out "things" from there. My crown chakra is active and my foot chakras; heat sensation on my crown chakra, and the feeling of shower energy. Yes, the sensation is of clearing, dissolving blockades. Hi, Ray! In the past two days, the healing was taking place on many levels, but especially on the solar plexus chakra. I feel quite better, with a sense of presence and the perception of now much higher. Yesterday I have felt again a big stream of energy coming in to my crown chakra and passing through my feet chakras. Thank you!

Victor, Romania

"I participated in a remote healing session with Ray and experienced positive effects even before I found out Ray had begun the healing work. I could feel the energy in my body. When I provided Ray with very specific goals for healing on the mental, astral, and physical planes I received those healings. One was even a physical healing of a wrist injury. The effects were powerful and wonderful. I am profoundly grateful to Divine Providence and Ray for the healing!"

Marc, USA

Yesterday evening I fell asleep and I dreamt that I was standing in front of my house, not able to enter it because all the meds I had to take kept me paralyzed. I felt quite stupid and helpless. You lived nearby. And I called you Ray… Ray... and then you came and you brought me into my house…Thank you! Now I feel fit again!

Claudia, Germany

I wanted to write you and let you know how things were going. Its been two months since you began our healing sessions. I feel stable for three weeks now, and am very happy as I experience good progress in every area that I am aware of. It is deeply satisfying. And I have now a continuous sense of well-being, of fulfillment and enjoyment of life, that I don't remember experiencing for any length of time since I was a young boy. I am so grateful!
Your advice and suggestions have been of great benefit to me. I am very grateful to you, especially for your patience, consideration and kindness with personal matters.
All things are progressing nicely. Step by step, as you said. I understand better now how much a need I've had for clearing and restructuring. I continue to place the larger portion of my meditations and efforts towards cleansing, healing, and energizing. I find it amazing and exciting that every few days I can continue to observe more progress. I feel so blessed. Thank you for the healing.

Brian, USA

Terms and Conditions

It is highly recommended that you read and understand what I have explained above. Healing is not guaranteed. I guarantee to do my best to support you. Spiritual healing does not replace any medical care. Please consult your doctor if you have health problems. Prepayment is required. Payments are not refunded. You take full responsibility for receiving healing energies and for your self-healing processes. If you have any questions you should ask me to find fitting solutions. Single healing sessions take an hour. The self-healing processes can continue over hours and days. It is recommended that you give me feedback about your wellbeing and what is happening. Coaching, advice, and explanations are a gesture of goodwill and not a part of the healing sessions. If you would like to receive coaching then it takes extra time and payment.

Privacy Statement

Your privacy is totally respected. Your personal data is saved only for the purpose of spiritual healing. It is not forwarded to third parties. If you agree to leave a testimonial then you will asked for your final permission to publish your text, first name, and country. Only if you request a newsletter will you receive it.

Ray del Sole – a short portrait

Ray del Sole is known as an expert in metaphysics and mysticism and is an author of a series of books about spiritual development and training. Besides webinars, he also provides workshops and lectures in the German-speaking countries and in parts of England and the USA. In Germany, near Frankfurt, he works as a naturopath for psychotherapy and spiritual healer. His focus lies in the application of hypnotherapy, past-life-therapy, and Pranic Healing. He has studied architecture in Bochum with a focus on project management. Among others, he has acquired certificates in cultural training, general project management, business efficiency, business management for engineers, and moderation of working groups. This was followed by postgraduate studies in natural sciences in eco-biology at the Institute Neubeuern, and management theory with business at the University of Applied Sciences in Darmstadt. After several years as an architect, he left the building industry for health reasons.

Since he had very early on already undergone a complete education in Prana Healing in Switzerland, and because of his intensive spiritual studies in psychology and healing, he then completed trainings in anxiety and stress management, as a psychological counselor, as a hypnotherapist, and as a reincarnation therapist, hypno-coach, and medical practitioner for psychotherapy. He is a member of VFP, the Association of Independent Psychotherapists in Germany. For more information please contact Ray on facebook or look for him on WordPress and Amazon.