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Dear spiritual seeker,

as a part of my SURA-ITF project I offer now a diversity of spiritual workshops, lectures and webinars. All is based on the universal teachings and own experiences. So you get teachings, guided meditations and exercises at first hand. I offer these events in the german speaking countries like Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as in Great Britain and the USA.

The advantage for you is to get a better access to spiritual topics and especially to the exercises of Bardon. In parts it is possible to let you make direct, own experiences. You can discuss your problems with me and fitting ways to cope with them. This means that you can save precious time and effort in your training, also to prevent from unhealthy traps and mistakes.

Please understand that my offer is only for real, honest spiritual students who want to refine themselves.

So far I offer in English a lecture about the nature of God and one about the spiritual transformation. Then workshops called “the Secret Heart of Pranayama – the high art of vital energy breathing” and about “intuition, inspiration and Akasha reading”.

Somewhere in the future there will be a real academy for spiritual training and education. This platform is in the state of preparation.

So far single webinars are created according to request. For example webinars about vital force, autohypnosis, soul clearing, etc. are developed.

If you are a true spiritual seeker then you can contact me > raydelsole(at)yahoo(dot)de < and join my circle of webinar participants from all over the world. Then I will inform you about new webinars and you can also suggest topics.

As a matter of compensation you can donate something according to your income or/and you can help SURA as a volunteer.

Please check vimeo for my videos! Please take part in my new project, the Sura Training Platform!

Thank you!

Yours, Ray


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  1. sheresa Garcia
    sheresa Garcia · March 16, 2015 at 18:59:32 · →

    I am very interested in your seminars.I just recently started reading Franz bardons book on initiation into hermetics and it spoke to me more than anything I have studied I have a lot of negative in my life that I am now cleaning out ! I started reading your book as well on initiation into hermetics from Franz bardon and also HV read sm of his book on kabahla. I am very serious on my growth spiritually and would love some help on this path to help myself grow and not fall this time.thank you for your time I hope to hear from you. Sheresa Garcia. 🙂

    1. raydelsole
      raydelsole · March 17, 2015 at 09:11:23 · →

      Thank you Sheresa Garcia, I have sent you an email. With best wishes, Ray 🙂

  2. Jay
    Jay · March 7, 2017 at 20:57:10 · →

    Hi brother,where can i read your book on IIH?,and also you mention some charts where the student can use to make a soul mirror?Thanks in advance Ray.

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