New Videos for Mystics

Dear friends, I have uploaded a few videos with readings in German and English from my book “The Wisdom of the Mystics”, together with a playlist called “5 Minutes Inspiration for Mystics” for the spiritual path in both languages. Here…

Regular Spiritual Healing Sessions

Dear Sisters and Brothers, starting next week, I will be offering group spiritual healing sessions. Every Tuesday and Thursday. Please check my website:

Light on the Path – the latest 3 books

Dear fellows, I am glad to present my latest three books in the series of Light on the Path to spiritual Perfection. They are available for kindle and on as printed books. I hope you enjoy them. Please leave…

Calling the old Cathars and Templars

Calling the old Cathars and Templars

You are a good soul, a spiritual soul, with special characteristics. As an old Templar, you have the nature of a noble knight, ready to fight for justice, ready to protect those in need, ready to fight evil and darkness…

Healing frequencies with energy supply

Dear fellows, Today I want to recommend high quality healing frequencies by the spiritual healer Sananda which are enhanced with the supply of healing energies. Altogether 7 videos will be published. 2 are now available. Please check his YouTube channel….